Does anyone remember the DU website?

This song that looped on the website was amazing. I remember literally letting it loop for hours on end because I could not get sick of it. I sort of wish this somehow made it’s way more into the album.


I vaguely remember this but I do remember it. What was the URL of the website though, I don’t remember.

I faded from the online AFI scene around the 2005 era (moved out with no internet for a year - couldn’t afford it).

I’m pretty sure this was just the site right before DU came out.

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That makes more sense… it was probably just a splash page.

I believe so. Thankfully people saved the song cause I loved it.

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I remember this. I used to let it loop over and over during art class and my frees in high school. I can’t believe someone saved and uploaded it.


Yes, and it was always really soothing to me.

Also, I can’t be the only one who noticed as soon as I saw this thread that the video is 3:37 long, oh shit!


This was the site during 2005 and early 2006 before the album came out. I believe the song is called “Fog” which people deduced from the name of the sound file. After DU came out, it was a similar animation of the new logo with the three rabbits slowly moving in a circle. There was snow falling and the music was a lovely, somewhat eerie instrumental version of Prelude 12/21.