Does Davey play piano?

I was just looking at Davey’s IMDB profile because my brain bluescreened and I forgot what Clandestine was called (duh) and clicked on his ‘music department’ credits. There’s quite a few film and video game score composition and piano credits on there. Does anyone have any idea if IMDb is accurate?

Hopefully someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but seeing that those “credits” go back to '95 and Davey specifically has said in multiple interviews that he “can’t play anything” and isn’t going to - my hunch would be no? (and that IMDB is wrong) Pretty sure he wouldn’t have had anything to do with Harry Potter (as an example).

Here’s the interview I was talking about: AFI Davey Havok & Mark Stopholese Interview Mar 19, 1997, Slim’s San Francisco, CA

Maybe they credited AFI as in the American Film Institute and it’s got mixed up with AFI the band somewhere along the way? Thanks for the interview link!