Dreams of AFI, anyone?


Lol I know, I’m on a roll, right?

So this may not be a thing for all of you experienced concert goers, or maybe it’s even more of a thing, depending on you, personally. Who knows?

But I just saw my first AFI concert this year, and since then, I’ve had dreams of the concert. Reliving it to a certain degree, but it also comes with weird circumstances, as dreams do.

For instance, being part of a live concert, but only people who knew the lyrics were allowed up front. Being part of the crowd, but Davey wasn’t supposed to start singing until we did the right chant. The band came into the audience and we all got to hold hands. Idk, weird dream shit, ok?

Just wondering if the band’s performances or music have infiltrated anyone else’s subconscious like mine.


Ahh, yes, the classic “Weird Dreams with AFI” thread; it was only a matter of time before it washed up on this here forum. As a matter of fact AFI concert dreams have been, for the most part, the only kinds of AFI dreams I’ve had. Seen them in, I guess a couple (seated) theaters, and one time in my local park! I’ve heard Fainting Spells, Prelude 12/21, Girl’s Not Grey, Leaving Song pt. 2, and I want to say Summer Shudder in these various dreams. There may have even been an imagined version of “The View From Here”, or some AFI song that didn’t exist. I wish I’d remembered it; if it wasn’t an actual AFI song, I could have written it.
There was actually one AFI dream where I met Jade (2006 hair) and I started telling him about my musical influences but then the dream did that thing where your speech becomes inaudible. In another part of that same dream, taking place from the perspective of a top down diagonal video game (think Sonic 3D Blast, parts of Super Mario 3D world), I accidentally killed Adam when I knocked a bike on him. He fell over.
These and wackier scenarios were, as you are probably well aware, quite common among the Despair Faction in the mid-late 2000s. I recall one DFer dreamed that Jade turned into a package of frozen chicken. Would love to see how strong the phenomenon is 10 years after their heyday.


I have the most vivid and startling dreams all the time, so thankfully AFI have really only played a role two or three times. They’re honestly like some enough versions of Alice in Wonderland.

I recently had a stress dream involving them. It was beyond weird and so not ever possible. But for some reason, I had failed at everything in life, was flipping burgers at McDonald’s (not that I’m putting that job down; I’m a vegan, though, so this can’t happen) and after my ex came in to order and did not recognize and called me a peasant (long story), Davey and Jade came in. Davey wanted a Big Mac and Jade wanted a McFlurry and for some odd reason started screaming at me. This is about when I woke up.

Back in '06 when I was in high school, I had the weirdest dream involved AFI, HIM, and Green Day playing Battle of the Bands at my school. I was the judge and couldn’t pick a fave band. Then the gym/auditorium doors slammed open with stereotypical smoke and bright light. Jared Leto came striding in and settled the score- AFI won. Jared Leto then proceeded to become Frank from Donnie Darko and kidnapped Jade so…yeah, I’m kind of happy these dreams don’t happen often and only when I’m under serious stress.


Naw I can’t say I have ever had one, lately
I’ve just been having stress dreams about nuclear warfare for no particular reason…


That sounds like an amazing dream Tonianne!
I have had dreams involving them, it’s a shame I don’t tend to remember dreams unless they’ve been particularly weird (like once I had a dream of Gwen Stefani trying to blow my house up with me and Robbie Williams (british pop star) inside).

I did dream of Davey last night - I was at some kind of event where I saw him but was too shy to speak to him :disappointed_relieved:. Hope it’s not a premonition! I would kick myself if I saw any of the band members but didn’t pluck up the courage to speak to them.


Haha, more like Alice in Wonderland gone wrong dreams. Though Jared Leto turning into Frank was pretty entertaining.

And that Robbie Williams (he’s great; I shamelessly admit to being a fan) Gwen Stefani dream is PRICELESS.

I’m sure if you got the chance to say hi to them you would. :slight_smile:


Just now, I remembered I’d had a dream a few months ago in which I’d found at a Savers a copy of the Sing the Sorrow book. But it was red like the cover of the standard issue album. (Or was it the grey? I can’t remember. Maybe both grey and red?). This book was also curiously titled “The AFI Book (for girls)”.

After the dream ended I imagined what conditions could have existed in that universe to breed an artifact like that.


^:laughing: I wonder if there was a boy’s version? We’ll never know. Did you look inside the book?

I had a BA dream last night. I was at a festival or outdoor BA gig. Davey was on stage and I was stood next to Jade some way back in the field, watching and dancing.
Davey started singing a song called Birds (it was really good-what a shame it doesn’t exist!) and put on a red hooded cape. At the same time, Jade put on a white hooded cape. Jade was singing along next to me and I was having to pretend that I knew the lyrics in front of him and I was really embarassed that I didn’t know them :flushed:.

It was the most interesting dream I’ve had for quite a long time :smile_cat:.


Some kid pulled the fire alarm in my apartment building a few nights ago and I had a dream that my apartment actually was on fire and that my entire AFI collection and my Schecter burned. It was horrifying.


I have a recurring nightmare where I have to miss a show I was planning on attending and they end up playing Kiss and Control for the first time.