EFLA & Twisted Tongues

What are everyone’s thoughts on the new songs?

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After one listen, “Twisted Tongues” feels like it could have been on the Blood album, or maybe Burials. “Escape From LA” is definitely the more stylistically interesting of the two (at least in terms of being something new for AFI). Sorta reminds me of Reggie and the Full Effect or the Get Up Kids or something.

I could see either of these growing on me, but neither floored me immediately. Still ordered the 7" right away because I’m a sucker, and having some new AFI songs feels about as good as anything has felt for the past 10 months.

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An album with the of EFLA would make me happy. TT didn’t really grab as quickly. I also grabbed that 7" quickly. Its been over a decade since the band released any 7" singles and I have missed them.

Limited edition of 1k 7". Encased in a PVC sleeve with sticker and printed clear plastic insert.

You can purchase it direct from the label or from the band’s store and get a free pin. One lists the release date as 2/19 the other as 3/19. I guess we’ll wait to see which one’s correct.

Twisted Tongues / Escape From Los Angeles - Black 7 Inch Vinyl (riserecords.com)

Twisted Tongues / Escape From Los Angeles - 7" Vinyl + Digital Bundle AFI (afireinside.net)

Hate to say it, but they’re both too soft for me at the first listen…

It is AFI, so it will have a very bias growth for me.

Vinyl is sold out already

EDIT: the pressing amount is missing from the description and it looks like these are back up

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Oh man, I LOVE these songs! Definitely hearing influences of The Cure, Joy Division and Depeche Mode (which were all favorites of mine at a much younger age). I know especially Davey & Jade will reference all of those bands as favorites of theirs as well. It’s like the OG goth vibe. Love it!!!


Love Twisted Tongues. Not sure on the vocals, but other than that it’s great. There’s a lot going on in there. Escape From LA is alright. Not loving that one as much. Getting some burials vibes from it, like if that had been put on the album instead of Heart Stops, I’d have been more than ok with it. Also, if any of Davey’s books ever made it to screen, that song would definitely be in the soundtrack :sweat_smile:

First post here. It is great to have a place to talk about AFI.

Both songs are good, but I agree that they are too soft. Both seem to build to a strong chorus but never really get there, specially escape from LA which is a shame because it has the most interesting sound of the two.

So I’m having trouble understanding this release. Are these the singles of the new album, are they releasing the new album two songs at a time, or these songs won’t be in the new album at all?

I’m a little confused here, but being released after the blood album and the missing man ep, these two songs are a little disappointing, at least by themselves.

(not a native English speaker, so I’m sorry for the lackluster English)

Both part of the upcoming album. Which has been suggested will be released in March, although no official confirmation on that. They just chose to drop two singles at the same time. Similar to what they did with Snow cats and White offerings, except there was no vinyl release of that.

According to Davey and the BBC interview he did, Twisted tongues came out of either the Blood or Missing Man era, likely the latter. It was the first song written for the album. Escape from LA ended up being the last song written.

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I think they’re brilliant songs.

Thank you very much, I didn´t have that info.

Having spent a couple of days with the new songs I have to say that I like’em more now, even if I still think they’re too easy too overlook comparing them to … any of the singles released from AFI until now. Even Crash love had hit material. This new songs aren’t as inmediate, but they grow on you slowly. Perhaps they’ll be even better in the flow of the entire album.

For anyone who cares, it looks like the 7" is now an unlimited pressing rather than the vague “limited” that it was initially listed as.