Emo nite, they played one AFI song

Went to emo nite this past weekend with my husband, it was awesome.
Which AFI song did they play? Miss Murder :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
I loathe that song lol back when DU came out, it was a time of “omg I love this new band” and as a die hard fan, it killllllls me every time I hear it lol
Anybody else feel the same?

Where are you located? My city had an emo night I missed and I was curious if this would have been played.

Not to belittle your feelings or love for that song, but I absolutely hated it at first because it was all they played in Hot Topic in 2006. I grew to enjoy the song now and still have fun pumping my fists in the air when they play it live “HEY!” Haha. It was the first AFI song I heard and learnt to love it, but there are SO many AFI songs, half of which are b-sides. It’s always great to hear the b-sides live, but then it’s disappointing when at the end of the show they play Miss Murder. The first AFI show I went to, The Leaving song Pt. 1 was there second to last song and it was beautiful, what with the lights down and just a spotlight on Davey and Jade. My thoughts on the matter and some other things. I don’t hate Miss Murder in the slightest. I’m glad. That that was the song that opened me to the AFI world.
Thanks for getting me to reflect on that. I love this forum.

Best of wishes,

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I’m in austin. I was pleasantly surprised, but by midnight they started playing rap music? Lol which I like too but I’m like I didnt pay money for this :joy: so we left

Oh no, I definitely hated it too but obviously it’s grown on me. Whenever they play it live, it’s such a different experience. My all time favorite song is This Celluloid Dream, I heard them play it live and I lost it.

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You lucky devil! I heard almost every STS song that night and Days of the Phoenix, but This Celluloid Dream was absent. I’m happy they play such a wide variety of songs. Especially, the less rare than most bands, b-sides. Havok said in an interview that the current members have been through it all, and had life changing experiences, so they will continue making music and performing until they literally can’t physically endured it. He compared their commitment to performing to the Rolling Stones. So we have a lot of AFI to come.
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i’ve only seen them in concert a few times :pensive:
definitely not as much as i’ve liked but they have all been amazing. but when they played this celluloid dream, i almost couldn’t believe. my husband captured it on video, but i soaked in every second of it. i look forward to all their music, it may take me a bit to like some of it, like the missing man, but it is what it is lol

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