F**kyeah A FIRE INSIDE tumblr

Remember when every tumblr fan page was called f**kyeah (insert band/actor/etc. name here)?
So you perhaps already know about this/remember this but I came across this tumblr recently and amused myself for a good couple of hours reading it all. It’s mostly Crash Love era but I found quite a bit of stuff I hadn’t seen before, e.g. pictures of Davey’s Glitterboy clothing line and promo pictures of Hunter’s collaboration with Macbeth shoes. Also discovered the “AFI single ladies video” which had me in stitches :laughing:

fuck yeah A FIRE INSIDE - Glitterboy, next page is Hunter’s Macbeth promos

fuck yeah A FIRE INSIDE - this page has the “Single Ladies/Too Shy To Scream” video.

Feel like I have to learn the dance now :stuck_out_tongue:


I still follow that tumblr blog…I think. LOL. I’m always on Tumblr when I’m bored; it’s a great place to be entertained. Haha.

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