Finally Got the Fall Children Shirt


I have quite a few AFI shirts, but I finally got the Fall Children shirt, which I’ve always wanted but it always slips out of my hands because it goes on ebay for more than I can pay. I’m just excited.

And then to voice my opinion on whether to wear old AFI shirts or not, I will not wear anything from the 90’s only keep it for collectors sake. For the most part my limit are shirts from Sing the Sorrow era on. However, sometimes I’ll pull an early 2000’s shirt out to wear for a special reason. I’ve worn the Totalimmortal shirt for the first day of Fall before. But I never, for any reason ever, machine dry these shirts. I’ll wash them very gently and let them air dry. Most damage to clothes happens in the dryer.


It’s amazing how rare and hard to come by those shirts are. The Third Season shirt just sold for over $130 recently.

I respect the fact that you won’t be wearing it. All of my shirts except Burials and Blood Album are retired. :slight_smile:


I might pull it out eventually for some special occassion to wear. My end game is to get the original 7 inch All Hallows EP on Orange, the original promo poster for it, and then the shirt and frame them all together.


That’s awesome! My uncle still has that shirt, the original EP, and the original poster. He bought them off someone looking to make quick cash. They’re now in his “cave” at his place in NOLA. I have the repress of the EP, and I also just got on Discogs the original 7inch EP. I’ve been debating on it for a while, so I finally bit the bullet and got it.


I respect that level of dedication to merchandise. When it comes to band tees, I’m the idiot who wears them all the time. I have vintage( from the '70s) Stones shirts, and I wear them a lot. I do handwash, but I wear them. I thought my dad was going to have a meltdown the other day because I was wearing one of them while road tripping it to Lancaster.


It’s hard to avoid that temptation to wear them. Got to wear them at least every once in a while. After all it’s what they were made for.


Alot of the older shirts also don’t feel as nice as the newer shirts though either. The newer shirts are a softer and nicer fabric.

For example my DREAMCAR shirt and Blood Album shirts feel a lot better than my old God Called in Sick Today shirt.


I noticed that! I’m wearing one of my Sing the Sorrow era shirts today (if I’m in a library, I am NOT wearing a suit), and it’s a hell of a lot scratchier than my The Blood or Dreamcar shirts.

I love when bands trade up for better merchandisers.


This is nuts… it sold for $175. I remember nabbing this from the Nitro site YEARS ago. Back then it was the dog shirt that just sat in the store. I ordered it as an XL at the time because that’s all that was available… not that I intended on wearing it.


Yeah, that’s a wee bit steep. I love the shirts, but I rather save the money for the vinyl I’m missing. :slight_smile: So cool, though.


Hi, I’m new here! By any chance does anyone know what brand the OG Fall Children shirts were printed on? I think I just found one, but it’s tag says “Hanes Heavyduty” while all of the other Fall Children shirts I’ve seen were produced by Cinder Block. Thanks!


I’ll check mine when I get home around 6pm. So in about 3 hrs if that’s okay.



Awesome! Thanks so much


Hey, just following up! lol Were you able to find the shirt?


Sorry for the delay. I’ll have to check in the AM due to something coming up.

If I recall correctly though it was a Hanes tag. I also do not recall a CinderBlock licensing… that shirt was purchased at my neighborhood Hot Topic store.

Again, I’ll confirm in the AM. Sorry! I’ll even post photos.


No problem at all! I hope all is well. No worries, I appreciate your help!


Tultex tag in mine. It was ordered online from Hot Topic, in late 99/early 2000.


@alesunderland my shirt was purchased from Hot Topic years ago. The shirts that came from Hot Topic I don’t recall having the CinderBlock branding.


Pretty sure this DF shirt is fake. Even the back print is off. Photos of mine below.

This tags on this shirt say Made in Honduras, while my original says Made in El Salvador. Plus the Fruit of the Loom logo has black background on mine.


Thanks a ton, Storms! This looks identical to the shirt that I found! Will post pics once purchased!