Fly in the Ointment Halloween Test Press

Hey everyone,theres a.test press complete with all the extras, was looking for a budget idea 5-600 does that sound reasonable?

Just depends on how badly you want it. I personally would not pay over $100.

I get that it’s rare but $600 is ridiculous.

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It was $100 when it was originally released. I can understand if someone wants to charge more than that.

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Oh wow, I didn’t know that.

$600 still a bit much for me though.

I had no idea it was $100 on release aswell.Wow I was expecting $300.I’d rather spend anything more than $500 on or towards a original Dork.I’ll hold back and hopefully find one for $336 max.

Storms I wanted to ask you about collecting the presses and editions of CD’s (imports,label advances) is it similar to collecting colored vinyl?Like a form of completing the set of Cd’s like I try to do with colored vinyl?I was always curious and come across some label advance cd’s pretty frequently if anyone’s interested Ill keep an eye out and make a list if it helps anyone out.I know to look for black on blacks of course and what is the story behind the black sails ep I recall it being expensive.Sorry for all the questions I genuinely never persued or knew people collected all cd releases from different countries and so on.

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The Black Sails EP is quite rare. It has one of my favorite AFI songs, “Who Knew?”. There’s also the Black Sails AP EP; this came in the Alternative Press magazine during the promotion of the album. The AP EP was housed in a cardboard sleeve.

Thankfully, I have both.

“who knew” is great,out of hidden tracks id have to go with "midnight sun"I guess that explains the price because I swear I’ve seen the EP eclipse 100 dollars! As for collecting cd imports and label advances I’m guessing that’s just another form of collecting for us fanatics.I was asking because I never knew people collected imports,advances,and different country singles.It sounds similar to having all presses of vinyl but in cd form,if im off fill me in please.Does anyone have a picture of a copy of STS with anything but the foraminifer (spelling?)My STS and my Clandestine have the foraminifer.I heard there’s a dead bird and possibly an octupus,anyone got pics?thanks!

Days of the Phoenix EP is hard to come by as well. Only 500 copies, I think.

Wow I had no idea that was extremely limited I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I hit the shops for you guys,I’m a vinyl guy cd’s would be a monster I could not conquer you guys collections do look awesome with them though. I usually come across imports and advance cd’s in the shops I’ll put up a notice if come across anything cool.

Limited to 500 and was only released in the UK.

Fun fact: Kyle Fielding, who’s name was picked for the fan club, “The Despair Faction”, was awarded a signed DOTP.

I have a lot of fun facts in the DF packages archive. :slight_smile:

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Um, good luck. I’d be very surprised if you stumbled upon something that rare… It’d be like striking gold, lol.

DOTP was a UK release, so unlikely you’ll find it. I’ve had a few copies over the years. I definitely have a signed one. Might have a sealed copy too! The promo version is very rare as is Totalimmortal CD if you’re lucky enoigh to stumble across it. Black sails EP was ltd to 5000 so not too hard to find fairly cheap on eBay.

PS I missed FITO test presses. I picked up the 1st or 2nd copy that hit ebay for $230 (flippers, eh). A few of these sold this year/last year for silly money. This is worth more like $400 just IMO.

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Cool thanks for the input, $400 is high but definitely fair considering the market now. hopefully I’ll find one for 350 or less.Yeah I know they may be hard to come across but I’m in sf,berkeley when I shop amd I’ve found some real suprises over the years but they are few and far between.

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