For sale Decemberunderground vinyl


Hey guys,I have two of these full size DU vinyls, this one was opened (I got it that way)but they are immaculate!Throw me some offers I’m looking to sell this one as I’m after a third pressing of Fly in the ointment and other things.I also have two of the smaller 7 inch DU’s but I’m not selling those but I’m working on getting a third I’m currently tly negotiating trade so if I manage to get it I’ll help my we are afi people out.I paid full resale for this as I learned the hard way from STS (I’ve seen em go $2-400)so I always by multiple,sometimes multiple of multiples.My collection is decent and was cooler as I got a nice addition from grass of the snob which was cool as hell.I honestly admire storms,snobgrass,and ibanez those guys not only have vinyl but cds imports which are a whole different monster it like vinyl and colored vinyl cloned into multinational cds I’ve never seen so many imports cds,singles,promos,comic sans cd-rs you guys are the real heroes ha!.Just wanted to maybe see if some here before ebay gets to come.


I’d be interested in one of the full sized DU vinyls. I only have the box set. However, I’d need to know what price you’re looking for.

I may or may not be able to get one, depending. :slight_smile:


If I had money for it I would be interested, it’s on my list, but I’m currently a bit tapped out :frowning:


I know what they
Generally go for but they can be allover the place make me a market offer your ok with,I’m not trying to get the most or all that but a fair offer that works for you I’ll see how flexible I can be.I bought it after market .I want all the fito variations!


I paid $120 US, how does $90 sound I dont

want to be a greedy p*ick bcause you guys&gals are real cool people.


I already have it, so I’m not bidding, but I love your devotion to the site to the point where you would cut the price.


If I didn’t have it I would, that’s a less than average price…in my opinion anyways.


If you can wait until next Friday I can give you $100 @Ksf145 Just have to wait until payday rolls around.


Thats fine no rush at all


do you still have it available?


I actually found it somewhere local, so I am all set!


I don’t know how I’d act of that happened to me, lol.


I have one willing to let go for $110 (registered air mail to USA/CAN included - ships from Mexico)



It amazes me how much the crash love and DU 12’s go for. I got mine years ago for normal price so never even thought about price checking. Never expected them to hit 3 figures!


It’s not worth it, honestly. This album isn’t that hard to find on vinyl. Two years ago I got mine for $45. It’s the vinyl bubble that I hope to god bursts soon.

Also, there are several copies on Discogs for less than $110 that are in the US.


Around about 50 is what I was expecting tbh. STS is an iconic album, so I’m not surprised at that one. That’s been pricey for years now… Even the DU box set has shot up in recent years. The whole vinyl boom has put me off upping my vinyl collection. I’ve got at least one variant of every ep/vinyl released (albeit through atomage), but that’s good enough for me at the minute


I’m amazed that the Burials LP is still just sitting there in the AFI store.

I don’t even remember where I got my STS vinyl, but I made retail so like $20? I still need Crash Love and the DU (not the boxed set, I have that one).


I had no idea CL vinyl was so hard to come by… I think I have an extra one if anyone was looking… not 100% certain but probably came from a hot topic … i already have one framed up and I don’t collect variants or anything (just one 12" of each album)


The value of vinyl depends on the market and how much people are willing to sell them for/pay for them. And DU and CL are hard to find for less than $80. It’s like complaining that Dork sells for $250 when it was originally like $5.

Since there are copies for sale on Discogs for less than $100 and in the US, I’ll sell mine for $99, shipping included.

The cheapest copy for CL is $108, so I’ll let mine go for $99, shipping included as well.

Or both for $170.

If they don’t go, I’ll just keep 'em hanging on the wall, haha.


Thanks sayasha (is that your real name)I think it’s cool! Sorry that went fast I know a shop in Oakland that has one I think it’s 80-90 I’ll go tomorrow and give you the number so you can call when im at the store and verify the price