For Sale: Miscellaneous merch


Since I bothered @STORMS to create this subforum, I’m gonna use it to get some of my old merch into the hands of other fans. All of these items are new and have been safely stored away for at least a decade now.

Chain Wallets
USA: $25
CAN: $30
ROW: $35

USA: $45
CAN: $55
ROW: $65

Reversible Beanie (grey inside)

Wrist band
USA: $8
CAN: $15
ROW: $19

If you want it all, its $60 + however much it’ll cost to ship to you.


The only thing I have of all of this is the Heartbat wrist band. I kinda like that Blueish wallet but I can’t bite just yet. :slight_smile:


I wasn’t sure what I should price these at since there’s nothing online to compare to, but I thought these prices were fine.


These are all still available if anyone is interested. Shoot me a PM.


Would you go 15 on the hat?