Found a nice copy of clandestine still with plastic and receipt for sale found DU vinyl!

Hey everyone,I came across a copy of Clandestine in a tiny obscure music/book shop,it is in excellent condition,opened once,has the original wrapping and stickers,receipt it was 27.99 back in 2003 and the tower records bag,I talked awhile and told him 70 is more reasonable as it’s listed at 85.If someone really wants a copy of clandestine slightly under retail I wouldn’t mind buying and shipping it out to whomever.I was shocked to see it,I already have my 2 dollar copy and I’m saving for fly in the ointment presses.just wanted to heads up,
EDIT found pristine copy of DU Vinyl in a hole in the wall record shop,I have a 12,and the 7 I may buy this one aswell pricey as hell but I know how rare this is and I love the hunt,it’s unbelievable STS on Ebay hits 250,This DU is listed at 145,I will try to bargain and trade because never pay full price at an indy shop but I will get him down 80-100 is way more reasonable
Edit2/10/18 Discogs decemberunderground is 85 how he got 145 is a tad greed,I’ll show him and explain sp discogs to him and maybe I can negotiate


Thanks for posting, sure someone will really appreciate it! It’s a bit out of my price range unfortunately, especially with postage, but If you find another used copy a bit cheaper, hit me up!

Ok sure I can always bargain with the guy he runs a super small shop,I’ll see what I can do.I wonder if I bought an album or two he make a deal.I think you mentioned you’ve been looking I’ll try to help you

What’s your range? in the UK I remember if it was you awhile.back looking for one.I have some records I woildnt.mind trading in,it will lower the price.It would.make me happy to help you get a copy. if you’ve always wanted one I’ll to make it happen

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Thank You. This one probably isn’t for me - I know some people would appreciate the original packaging and that it’s only been opened once but personally as long as it’s in decent condition (i.e. discs work and book intact), I don’t really care about much else. My max budget at the moment would be $50 including postage (difficult I know if it originally cost $27.99). I do hope one day to find one here in the UK (for a reasonable price) but it’s harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

I’ll be stopping by Monday I’ll see if I can work something out i believe 45-50 is a more than fair price,I remember amoeba had one for 150 and I was like thats criminal!I had bought the DU 7s for retail during crash love era at rasputin berkeley.

I would need it to be $50 or less inclusive of postage to UK (which even by surface mail would surely be around $10). I think it’s unlikely he’d do that at the store but thank you for wanting to help. As I said, the one in the store is perhaps better suited to a proper collector rather than me, who’s just a fan.
Sometimes I think stores just go by what price is on ebay and people put some ridiculous prices on ebay.

We’re all fans so its cool no one’s less worthy,I’ll see what I can do not many if any walk into this obscure shop looking for clandestine,I was interested if he had tower artist cutouts (I want bad and dangerous era michael jackson the store in LA was plastered inside n out I hope they survived,I’ve seen videos.Anyway because he had a tower bag hanging and said nope just what’s in it,my mind was blown.I’ll tell him sticker price is this I’ll go ten over and trade a record or two I have way too many.I’ll keep ya posted.If you don’t want me to I won’t,I know how it is,Snobgrass was cool and sent me somethingl and I’ll take a bullet for that man lol no joke.

Thank You for the offer but defnitely not worth you trading in stuff to get an item cheaper for me. Please don’t do that! Just if you happenstance to find it cheap like you did with your $2 copy, let me know!

Ok will do!I’ll find another too that I can promise

Clandestine is also common on ebay. You could probably get a copy for under $50. Maybe not sealed but in good condition.

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Yeah that sounds better I’ve seen sealed ones but I guess this thread can be deleted to not take up space.I do remember the days they were going for over 100 was a longtime ago strange how they drop in value especially the art and articia figures used to be 60 a piece I hardly see them but their complete sets for 40 usually now

Was the DU box set or 12 inch cause I’m looking for the box set

It was the 12,I think there’s a thread where someone is selling the box set for 50 that’s a great deal