Free CDs (just pay shipping costs)

These are the remaining CDs I was giving away on a PM. If you want any, just pay for shipping.

Crash Love:
UK/Europe Dlx:
Canada std:
Europe Silver front, Red back


This is so cool of you,I’d love one but there others who are more into collecting imports I nominate storms and snobgrass I’ll pay the shipping of cds of their choice if they don’t already have them

2 Likes one wants the crash love deluxe with bonus tracks I’ll take it

Send me a PM if you’re interested

How much is shipping? To the u.s.a,Ohio.
Do you have any still left.sing the sorrow with bonus tracks I’m interested in.and does any of the December underground have the band member pic in them .thank you.

$3 for shipping in the US.
The Uk STS has 2 bonus tracks. All of the DU I had with the members are gone.

Id like to get the uk sts with bonus woould i go about paying you the shipping?
This is super cool of trying to figure out how to get a set of the limited Decemberunderground CDs with all member pics put together…keeps me busy…lol.

Is the crash love std cd still available.if so id like to get that too.mines a lil beat up.or if thats not available let me know if the two silver and red sts cds from canada are cuz ill take em .i really appreciate your kindness.thank you sincerely.

Ill havta wait to get the two canada red cd an silver cd.i just found out an automatic bill pay went thru so i wont have enuff in my account sorry.i wouldnt of asked for them if i knew i was short.very sorry.

How is going,good I hope,I saw my holy grail on discogs the 3d fito,its my fault I had to pay a couple months mortgage in advance and other personal things that definitely were good moves but I have to hold on vinyl till next Thursday at least I want that fito and some items from Mr snobgrass,I’m thinking of posting a picture of my few grail items at the time it was like less than 5 that madé up my wall until the dork repress,the 2 dollar clandestine find,and the blue all hallows from Mr.grass.My how it’s grown.Hopefully it’s there in a week!
BTW anyone with original promo band photos if they can scan then at 600ppi and put a slight afi or their own name as a makeshift watermark to avoid reprints ,I just want these on my wall 80-250 for a 8x10 although worth it is not in my budget,I’ll gladly pay fair price for troubkes

Got these in the other day. Thanks!

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I still have some CDs remaining. If you don’t have the Deep Thoughts/Thought Remains the Same comp, then check it out. It has a couple vinyl only tracks that aren’t that easy to come by on CD if you want a good rip.

Ive managed to get ahold of Davey and Adam d.u. cds.umi need jade and hunter.if you have or find them cheap,I’m interested.