Go to AFI Album(s)

Okay, I’m going to cause some controversy(? Discord? Tension?) BUT I’m going to brave the question (that and I need to procrastinate from trying to think of a critical essay topic I should be researching). ANYWAY:

what is your go-to AFI album or albums? Why? Do(es) it/they change with the season?

I’ll give you mine.

In the early fall, it’s Crash Love. It’s one of those albums that just calms me down, and usually the late summer/early fall is an emotional fraught time for me. That album is incredibly cathartic, especially tracks such as “End Transmission,” “Veronica Sawyer Smokes,” and “Darling, I want to Destroy You.”

Now, obviously, middle of fall is always going to be the All Hallows EP (“Fall Children” is my anthem…no, really, that’s my uncle’s ring tone for me). But I usually can’t listen to it from Nov.-April just because I’m depressed Halloween is over.

And then the entirety of winter I’m usually blasting Sing the Sorrow (though last year, The Blood Album got some serious play…actually, it’s still getting a lot of playing time). The album has a very moody aesthetic to it befitting those cold months.

Spring is Decemberunderground time. “Summer Shudder” in particular really sets my mood for the coming terrible sun filled, heat stroke inducing months to come. That and I LOVE that instrumental/weird voicemail sounding bit at the end of “Affliction.”

Obviously I love all of their music, but these are my go-tos for any given time of the year.

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Mine is Art of Drowning, because, unlike other records they’ve done, there’s a sense of celebration and pure joy that comes across in the music. Songs like 6 to 8, Sacrifice Theory, Of Greetings and Goodbyes, and, of course, Days of the Phoenix - maybe the happiest song they’ve ever done - I see as poetic love letters to the underground. Maybe that’s not what Davey was thinking when writing the songs but it comes off that way and it’s beautiful. Basically, it’s an AFI pick-me-up record.
Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground are my favorite records of theirs but I can’t listen to them too much because I worry it would dilute the effect of the music. If I’m feeling in the mood for a more texturally complex AFI, I’ve tended to go to the Blood Album.


Awww, The Art of Drowning does feel like a particularly joyful album, especially after Black Sails. I don’t listen to that album enough.

It usually changes based on the time of day for me…
In the morning when I have to get up I listen to burials. I’m not a morning person so I’m usually rather pissed off and burials is a good compliment to that feeling.

As a foreigner student in a very anti foreigner society listening to the blood album helps when I have to walk into class and feel like a complete outsider (I live almost 2 hours away from my school so I have plenty of time to listen to both haha)

If after school I’m in a better mood I’ll listen to Decemberunderground, I know is not exactly a happy album but I feel it compliments being a in a good mood
If I’m in a shit mood I go for sing the sorrow

At home when I’m studying I’ll usually go for the all hollows EP, the art of drowning, or black sails because it’s just fun to have on something with raw energy while I wallow in boredom

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Lately, Crash Love.

Ultimately? Black Sails.


Hey Oh, Black Sails.

@Glenn I hear you about “Burials.” That came out the first year of my masters program and was all I listened to that year. It really does suit the angry, early morning, why is this my life vibe. Haha. And sorry to hear your academic experience is so rough!

Black Sails or The Art Of Drowning. Sort of depends on how I feel, usually. So Black Sails more often than not because it’s so angry/powerful and I’m generally pissed at people and their behavior.

As much as I love Sing The Sorrow, I really have to prepare myself emotionally to listen to that album in its entirety. It still totally blows my mind with how good it is. Things get pretty intense emotionally when I’m listening to it lol.


“Poetic love letters to the underground”? DUDE, ABSOLUTELY! Glad someone else thinks this way, a lot of those songs really, really come across that way, especially Of Greetings And Goodbyes, A Story At Three, 6 To 8 and Wester. And you’re totally right about it sounding “happier”, too. I don’t know if I would actually use that word to describe it because it overall still has a dark feel, but it’s more…there’s definitely a lot of hopeful, peaceful, celebratory moments in that album.