Going AFI Vinyl/CD hunting in SF Bay Area small shops next,any requests or lookouts?

Hello friends hope everyone is well,I’ll be going to 3 rasputins and two amoebas (sf,berkeley)and various hole in the walls, this is record weekend,I also have a love for Rnb so ill be looking for New Edition and Debarge so I won’t hog all the AFI.I know a place that has DU on vinyl already but I know in the last thread I’m on a DU cd picture hunt for a member,if anyone else has specific requests I’m sure I can find something as this is Afi’s second home after Ukiah so tons of Cd’s and vinyls are not uncommon just cover shipoing if shipping is a buck or two then dont worry its the vinyls that get pricey.Just thought I can be of service as I wait to get the last of film (I didn’t forget about origins).Have a good week everyone.


Hit me up if you find any Nitro-era colored vinyl that isn’t grey or Hot Topic red.

Alright no problem,now the fun starts, I’ll keep my eyes peeled

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Let me know if you can find 4 limited d.u. copie

Totally,I didn’t forget you from the last thread I’ll find some for sure


Were you able to find any d.u. ltd cds? If so,i get paid soon and ill buy it or them from you a.s.a.p…have a good day and take care.

Hey how you doing,I hit the vinyl heavy stores Sunday so I have a few on hold that I’ll post for those interested I got a day off tomorrow so I’ll be returning for the cd,s imports and more vinyls today,I’ll keep you posted!


I did find one it’s still sealed so ill let you have the excitement and do the opening on this first one then I’ll know what 3 you need

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That’ s awesome.thank you.send me the info and I’ll pay you.that’s good news after getting dicked around by a seller on eBay.i won the bid a black sts and bought it.but it looks like they cancelled the order.I’m super sad and have yet to get my money back or the item.i wish it wouldve jus worked out.ill prolly never find another one that’s available when i have the cash.you definately brightened my day.

Oh wow I’ve never even knew black sts and black crash existed,why no du I wonder?I mapped 42 stores in a 30 mile radius I hit 15,keep hope alive!