Golden Era

This has been said before, however, since the DF opened again and there’s a bundle… it just makes me think back to when it felt like the DF was actually something “exclusive”.

  • Meet & Greets
  • Official forum w/ DF exclusive section to interact with the band
  • DF card having meaning at shows; to be able to buy a DF tour shirt

While im a big fan of “secret” and “mysterious” i like that its more inclusive, when the df started and that was about the time i discovered afi i didnt have the money or resources to go to shows, purchase merch, and explore their music catalog.
Through my time as a squatter i developed a very healthy sense of anti-elitist views, amongst other socio and political views. That being said im no expert, but i do have some experience within lowest ranks of the caste system. Anyways
Cool merch yeah im for it, but not just to a few.

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I did like the old “benefits” that came with being a DF member, although admittedly, I don’t remember there being meet & greets in the UK. I think mostly, I miss the people that were in the forum and that kind of community vibe (but at the same time, I guess you get out what you put in and I don’t spend so much time in forums etc now that I’m busy with work and things).

Now the perks are exclusive merch and are we on a mailing list that gets announcements slightly earlier than the main list or am I imagining that one? :thinking:

Anyway, it’s good that you can join for $7 by just getting the membership card if your budget can’t extend to getting an enrolment bundle (although I wonder what the shipping on that is like to the UK and maybe a digital membership with no card would help).


You can just sign up to register with DF without buying anything! You just have to give them your email address