Greetings from Portugal

Hi there. Ana. New here. Regular listener since 2006. Decemberunderground was my first and favorite. Heard a bit of everything since.
What ressonated with me was the poetic stance mixed with the spontaneous rage/bittersweetness of the melodies.
Every feeling I’ve ever felt - the ones you keep to yourself - has been described by some AFI song and thus can be felt eternally whenever I want to just by listening to a song.
Also AFI have the perfect gift of turning the darkest of thoughts into glamorous sweetness and that is a very important part in coming to terms with our darkness. At least it was for me.
That said, I don’t usually talk much, but hopefully there will be many interesting themes in the forums.
In hopes it will be nice to meet y’all, I bid farewell :slight_smile:


Welcome and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I agree that AFI has found the perfect way to convey dark and mysterious emotions into such beautiful music.

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Hello, Portugalian Ana. My name is Anna. I’m from Arizona.


Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you. :blush:

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