Happy Anniversary Jade!


Here’s the link to his tweet Jade’s 20

Jade joined AFI 20 years ago! :smiley: Congratulations @AFI and @JadePuget :smiley:


This was really interesting to know, and a previously unknown fact. I’d been asked countless times the date Jade joined AFI and no one knew. I knew it was sometime between October 31st 1998 and March 1999, because I have a show from Oct 31 1998 with Mark playing guitar (which probably was Mark’s last show), and then, I have the Canada shows on March 1999 with Jade.


Hey Pablo, what’s the story with that October 31, 1998 show? Not sure if I’ve ever heard anything about it.

Also, it’s crazy that Jade joined AFI (or any new member joining an established band as a primary songwriter, really) and they did Black Sails just a few months later.

It’s just a show that they played at RKCNDY in Seattle, WA. It’s a show that was easy to find among video collectors back in the day. They play a couple of rare songs and they’re joined by the singers of the bands they played with that night to play Values Here

I just checked the AFI Series setlist/tour guide and it turns out it’s from August and not October, which makes more sense: - YouTube

Wow. Sometimes I forget how much time has passed. My favorite record (AOD, not Black Sails though) is 18 years old. :astonished:

Also, nerdy fangirl me is excited that Jade’s anniversary is the same day as my birthday. :nerd_face:

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Well…Happy Birthday :slight_smile: Hope you had a great day :slight_smile:

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Thank you! My friend got me the Jared Gaines pumpkin nephilim print. They know me so well.

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I like how Jade considers his “Anniversary” to be his AFI-versary… even though he’s married :joy: