Happy Thanksgiving (Thank you, all)


I wanted to take a moment to Thank all of you who have made WeAreAFI (“We”, meaning us fans, “Are AFI”) what is has become. Back in June of this year, I finally decided to start these new forums from absolutely nothing. Again, after realizing that the official forums were no more… and seeing that there were no more active forums “dedicated to AFI”, I made the decision.

My love for AFI is deep and it’s is great to share concert memories, eBay price tag struggles, collections, photos, stories, Despair Faction, knowledge, team work and family with all of you. We now have 100 members and we haven’t even been a forum for 6 months yet. My goal is to continue to grow these forums to one day perhaps we are considered the “go to” place for AFI discussion.

I have been an AFI addict since 2000 and making these forums 17 years later felt very questionable. However, everyday when I sign on and see the activity, you’re all proving me wrong and I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You for the continued support!

(btw I’m working on a new logo)



Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We are happy you started the forums too!


Happy belated Turkey day! @STORMS I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are thankful for YOU for creating an outlet for our enthusiasm for AFI. And thank you for letting me be a part of this community.


New logo concept. Thoughts? You can be honest. I am no graphic designer.

@_tonibell @Snobgrass @insectpins @LordOfTheLeftHand @Acidpickle @Pablo @Ophelia @dnlkdwll


Hmmmm, I actually kind of like it, though it does have a zombie vibe to it. Still cool, though.


I was going to go more crowd hands but wanted to make it more simple.


Are you going for the SYMAOYE hands look?


Ha, pretty much. :slight_smile:

To me, it’s a nice and simple idea.


No, I totally got that it was crowd hands. I just also think it can me misconstrued. But it is a cool design.


If that’s the look you’re going for, then you should just use those hands from the art


I dig it. Although personally I would go with a little different font, one that’s not quite as plain, but I can understand why you would use the one you used, as it’s easy to read. I love the hands though.


Between all of your feedback and my sister’s (she is very artistic), I came up with this… next concept.

EDIT: I have to align the wording at the bottom better.


Happy (belated) thanksgiving to you!!! I’m am so truly thankful you made this forum, I’ve fallen in love, there’s finally a place I can talk about anything AFI and not get looked at like I have 87 heads. THANK YOU!:grin::metal:t5:


This reminds me of the crowd during the godwalk.


Final. I think…