Have been away for years


Excuse the username change after I’d already posted with the previous one - I wanted to change it for privacy reasons, even though the previous one was my DF username (feel free to ask me for it via PM if you believe you remember me and would like to reconnect!).

Anyway! I live in the UK, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been with AFI and the DF since the DU era (I then went through their entire back catalogue and fell in love with STS especially - I think it remains my favourite album, if I had to choose). My other interests are cars, football (as in soccer) and writing (mostly poetry). I also sing a bit and listen to pretty much every genre of music nowadays but AFI remain the most important band in my life. I owe them a lot, I owe my friends I met via the fandom a lot and AFI’s music has always provided me with catharsis, emotional relief and great musical experiences. They have helped me feel less isolated, less lost and less insane when I felt as if I would lose my mind. I actually joined the DF within probably at most three months (or maybe even within weeks) of first hearing AFI, because I knew I had stumbled onto something lifechanging. I tend to dive headfirst into things, but with AFI that instinct was spot-on. I can’t describe how much their music means to me and how grateful I am to them and to my fellow fans with whom I later found such a community. Due to some complicated circumstances I stopped being active for long spells and eventually stopped vising most AFI forums but, to put it cheesily, the love remained.

Sorry this was so long. I am really happy this place exists! Thank you for being here :smiley:


Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve found your way to our messageboard!


Threads like these make it all worth while…

Welcome Home, @lipstickandlightplay !!!

EDIT: I’ll have a longer response after work. :wink:

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Welcome! :smiley: Glad to have on board :slight_smile: You’re going to enjoy this forums a lot :slight_smile:


@lipstickandlightplay I had the same kind of story as you.

I fell deep into AFI in 2000. A friend of mine at school had me listen to this band AFI, who just had a new CD come out “The Art of Drowning”. I listened to Initiation into Lost Souls and I was hooked… something just felt “right”.

So ironically, it was my initiation into AFI. Since then I had fallen back into their catalogue. Black Sails in the Sunset blew me away… the darkness, everything… just hooked. I had the pleasure of being around and full into the creation of the Despair Faction from how it was named to the starting packages, etc.

I had fallen out of the online in around 2007. No internet for about a year… it was a different world, plus I just couldn’t afford it. My roommate had the high-paying job. I barely got by. On top of that it was probably the lowest point in my life… no friends. I no longer trusted anyone. I didn’t trust anyone who spoke to me and also spoke to them.

That long road took me away from a lot… and finally I met who is now my wife. Regardless, I had fallen out of the online AFI scene for far too long…

I saw AFI again for the 5th time in February 2017… it was a baptism back into it. The experience totally revived my love for AFI and seeing them live… from here I would learn about the AFI forums had gone away, so I eventually made these forums (DFC) once I knew for sure there were no other active fan forums.

Now that I’m done blabbing… it is an honor to have you here. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome, everyone! :sparkling_heart:

@STORMS That sounds so exciting, to have been there from the beginning of the DF! The Art of Drowning is a wonderful album. High up on my list of favourites for sure.

I love hearing those kinds of stories. And I like your phrasing; something about AFI definitely just seems “right”. It’s as if they were an answer to questions lingering at the back of my mind, artistically as well as emotionally, on some level. Because aside from the incredible quality of the music, lyrics, artwork etc., it all just hit me in a very personal, almost visceral, way as well. I loved that even when they were dark, it was a comforting darkness, not so much “everything is terrible” as “you can create beauty from this too”. Or, you know… there is poetry in despair.

Thank you for creating this forum! I was gutted to see the boards gone when I was finally ready to reenter those online spaces… I sincerely hope things are better for you now. Life has a way of taking the scenic route to happiness, sometimes.

Such kind words - it’s an honour to be here, too!


Don’t think I ever really did a proper introduction when I joined. Ha.

I’m hammonds from good ol UK. Same user name as I had on the old DF boards. Been a fan since 2000. Joined the DF in 2006 after being pissed off at not being able to get tickets for the electric ballroom show in London (I absolutely refuse to be part of the tout system and feed their industry, doesn’t matter who the band is). Figured joining the DF would avoid that happening again. Then afi’s popularity over here fell away so there was no issues at all getting tickets for the crash love tour (I made up for the missed show and did 4 of the 6 including Birmingham, where we got the super rare live performance of but home is nowhere). It’s only in the last year or 2 where being part of the DF has actually been of benefit where there are semi regular emails and competitions.

Black sails through to Sing the sorrow is just a god like era for me and pretty much untouchable (although I still rate the later stuff)

I’m one of those that has a slightly obsessive AFI collection, particularly cd’s. Think I’m close to if not over 100 different cd’s now (albums, ep’s, singles, promos etc). There are a few of us on here and mine is far from the biggest. @4ibanez and @Slinch are my inspiration and if it wasn’t for these guys my collection would not be where it is now.

Outside of afi I played football for 25 years before ‘retiring’ and taking up Roller Derby instead. I also ride Inline Skates on skateparks and generally think that I’m still 21 :joy:. Also have the trifecta of marriage, house and kid. That is pretty much me.