Heads up, there was a STS bootleg released today

Some record store put up a STS bootleg for sale yesterday (though apparently their stock sold out in minutes) and some people have reported finding them in their local record stores today.

So just be aware that if you find a surprisingly low-priced STS it’s very likely a bootleg. Haven’t found any reports on sound quality as of yet, but judging by previous boots that originally went up for sale on that store, likely not good.

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Any feedback on the packaging quality? I think I saw a pic on ebay and it wasn’t gatefold?

I heard it wasn’t a gatefold so that’s one way to tell, red hype sticker on the front too.

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None of the copies I’m seeing on ebay mention that it’s a bootleg. I feel bad for the fan that ends up spending money that they could’ve put towards an original.