Hello all my beautful ones!

Hi everybody, I’m Ally. :slightly_smiling_face: I can’t remember my old username (but I’m sure it was something ridiculous). I’m a long time AFI fan living in Sydney, Australia. I lived in Melbourne briefly also, but have been to AFI and Blaqk Audio gigs all over Australia and the US, so I met many wonderful DF members back in the day. I joined the Despair Faction in about 2005, and was most active between about 2006-2008.

I’ve really missed the friends I made when I was properly active in the community (I sort of drifted away for a while), and am looking forward to connecting/reconnecting with other AFI fans once again. I’m so glad these boards are back, whether official or not; we need a place to gather… :fire: :sparkles:



And gather we shall…nice to meet you, Ally.

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Nice to meet you, too! :grinning: