Hello All, new to DF

Hello all,

I’m new here, would’ve joined way earlier if I was tech savy with message boards. AFI has been my favorite band since I was in elementary school and I love that with each album they’ve continued to push themselves and their sound. The first CD I ever bought was their Sing The Sorrow album and my absolutely favorite song by from them and from that Album is This Time Imperfect, Davey’s voice in that song is absolutely amazing, close second would be God Called In Sick Today. I’ve had the great opportunity to see them on two separate occasions, once with 30 seconds to Mars and Linkin Park, and another tour they headlined out in Vegas. I’m happy to have more people to talk to about AFI as they don’t fall into my partner’s type of music, but she’s slowly coming around. I think she has bad memories of AFI because she got kicked in the face during her first AFI concert, but was a trooper and wanted to stay in the front near the stage.

I’m very happy to see that the AFI community is still going strong and thriving. Happy to finally be here.