Hello from England


Hi guys, I’m Michelle
Thought it was cool that there’s a kind of active AFI messageboard again. I hope it stays active!
Anyone else here from the UK?


Welcome Michelle, good to have you here.
Us too!
There are a couple of us UK folks here :smile_cat:


Hey! I’m also from the UK. :wave:t3::uk:
Not a great place to live in terms of collecting AFI memorabilia these days, the amount of money I’ve paid out in postage and customs charges from the US is horrendous, even on new stuff! :weary:


Woot! Welcome, everyone! I’m usually pretty active around here, it’s just I’m a professor, and it’s midterms time, so I have a ton of grading. :frowning: Let me know if you need anything!



I hope you enjoy the forums. You’ll find them to be very mobile-friendly and quite active actually, considering I started these forums back in June.

My apologies to everyone for myself not being as active as I’d like… work has been busy and it feels like a slower time for AFI. I did see that Jade and his wife Marissa are in Hawaii. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!
Yeah this works pretty well on my mobile.
I want to try to visit the boards as much as I can, but I’ve just started a full time job so I probably won’t be on here as much as I would like to be.