Hello, I'm new to DF!

Just wanted to say hey, and properly introduce myself. I’ve been an AFI fan ever since Sing The Sorrow was released. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time. Other favorites include The Art of Drowning and The Blood Album. My very first concert with friends was during the Decemberunderground tour era. I’ll never forget that night, it was a blast and a half.

I can’t believe I only thought about looking up the DF recently. I’ve heard about it over the years. Very happy to be here, finally.


Hello and welcome. The Leaving Song Pt.2 is where it all started for me.

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Love it! There are so many amazing songs off that record, gah. For me it was Girl’s Not Grey, only because I heard it on the radio first. Then when I got the STS CD my favorites quickly became This Celluloid Dream and Dancing Through Sunday.

Welcome! It’s great to see more people joining! It wasn’t until 2005, but Days Of The Phoenix was the song that brought me to AFI. :heart_on_fire:

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One of my favorite songs! Thanks, happy to be here.

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Welcome to the boards!

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Thank you! And also thank you so much for tracking down that Decemberunderground shirt! So happy it actually exists and it wasn’t my brain playing tricks on me, haha.

No worries! I actually don’t remember the shirt from when DU was released, but I saw it a few weeks ago on maybe eBay and figured i might be able to find it again. Etsy is surprisingly good for vintage band shirts, if a little overpriced.

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Noted - appreciate the tip! :smiley:

Welcome! Nice to get new members.

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Thank you! Excited to be here.