Hello! This AFI baby is now an adult

Hi, long time listener, first time caller.
My name is Mia, and I am a California native. I grew up not too far from that good ol’ East Bay punk scene. One high school teacher prided himself on going to high school with AFI, another prided themselves on going with Green Day. Those crazy teachers.
My twin brother and I are 25 going on 26 and were molded entirely by our now almost 40 year old older brother. This meant AFI (and so much other good music) was the soundtrack of our lives. In 2003, my brother worked at Circuit City (now non-existent) and had first dibs on all the releases. At this point, we were 5 years old and had fully functioning brains to store these memories and feel the impact of whatever was going on around us. ANYWAY, my brother brought home the Sing the Sorrow CD. He showed his best friends who were like brothers to us. They bought their own. Forgot them at our house, stole each other’s copies, bought more, and spread them far and wide. We have probably 3 original CDs lying around our house now and who knows about the older gems. My brother would play that album for us every single morning when taking us to 1st grade. It made waking up early worth it. That album continues to make even the hardest days worth it for me. All of them do. But that’s my origin story and I thought it’d be a nice introduction.

When did you first listen to AFI? Does anyone remember that old youtube video that made a montage of Davey Havok dance moves? (((omg that was easier to find than I thought it would be))


Welcome and thanks for that gem of a video, i had no idea it existed :joy:


Thank you! It was in the deep recesses of my memory hahah I wonder if the person who took the time to edit that is somewhere on this forum


Welcome! Your brother sounds like a good music influence. Giving you a head start into good stuff lol.
My husband was also influenced by older sibling’s taste in music and lead him to AFI. Although not with the benefit of growing up in the Bay Area scene lol.
According to my middle school mp3 player, one of my friends must have lent me Decemberunderground and I really liked Miss Murder. Gotta love Miss Murder if you’re a late 2000s/2010s emo kid. I remember Medicate in guitar hero. But I didn’t really listen to them until years later after I started dating my husband.