Heya! Nice to meet y’all

Hey y’all. My name is Asher and I’m glad to be here!

Casual fan for years. Been getting way more into the band in the past year or so. I love history of bands I like and I stumbled upon The Despair Faction while diving into AFI. I wouldn’t have guessed an old fashioned fan club forum type place would still exist with the rise of fandom culture on tumblr and twitter. Couldn’t be happier it’s here though.

Kind of sort of a late adopter of AFI. A friend must have ripped Decemberunderground onto my pc as it’s still on my middle school mp3 player. My husband got me into them more when we met. AFI is his all time favorite band. I wouldn’t have minded getting into them a few years earlier but I suppose I don’t mind because I wouldn’t have appreciated the music in the same way in the past.


I could ramble for ages but I’ll just say a bit about me to introduce myself.
I’m a jack of all trades artist. I don’t think I could ever stop creating. I’m always in the middle of a project. Will I finish it? Next question.
I’m a huge music fan. I’m always seeking out new music new and old. I listen to genres and artists across the map. I am biased towards punk and punk adjacent genres. My moms music taste rubbed off on me. By rubbed off on me I mean that I took her cds and cassettes when I was younger.
I’m kind of chronically offline and don’t watch many movies or tv but I do listen to a lot of podcasts.
Also I’m totally a pro gamer. I was born and bread to game. (I hardly touch a lot of stuff in favor of Minecraft).

But uh. Yea. Hello all =D


Hi Asher and welcome!

I’m kind of a late adopter of AFI too but totally obsessed with them now :heart_eyes:

My taste in music is broad but mostly punk and punk adjacent too like you.

Love that you are an artist and feel that urge to keep creating so cool.

I’m a gamer too mainly Minecraft and Stardew Valley.

Gosh you are lucky having your husband into AFI. My hubby likes a couple AFI songs but mainly the later stuff.

Have a great day!


Welcome to DF. I think it’s pretty cool too :slight_smile:

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Great to meet you! :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to the boards!

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