Holy crap! AFI shirt from '96 went for $200!

DAMN… I have this btw. I got mine on eBay years ago… I think I paid $40-$60 for it.

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Damn. My only saving grace is that most of these shirts are L/XL/XXL which means they would be gowns on me. Though, does one wear one of these $200 shirts? Is that a faux pas? I feel like I would need to keep it in plastic and look at it with reverence one in a while.

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It would totally be a faux pas… I have this shirt and the “What Will It Take?” shirt. Here’s proof. :slight_smile:

These shirts are all stored… never worn. I’ve considered getting them framed, but it would be too costly. I’m fine with just owning them and taking care of them.

Basically, I consider all of my AFI shirts from 2003 and earlier to be retired. I only wear my DREAMCAR shirt and any new AFI shirts I’ve gotten within the last few months. All else is retired.


So cool. You def have an amazing collection of AFI memorabilia.

Yeah, I figured. I’m going to keep that mentality of “it’s too big” even if i won’t wear it, though; my bank account will thank me one day. Haha. It’s my only responsible adult decision.

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Thanks! Btw I’m not trying to boast by posting these photos… just staying true. I don’t wanna seem like that guy who says he’s got everything, etc, etc. I am proud of my collection. One of the things I’m most proud of is the many press photos I have… I think there’s only one that I’m missing… there are stairs involved and there’s a pumpkin lantern.

Anyway, yeah when I got these shirts, they could have been 4XL and I wouldn’t have cared… I wear Small. However, again, I’m not wearing them, just collecting them. Plus, who knows how many of these earlier shirts still exist or are in good condition. The “What Will It Take?” shirt is my favorite, plus it has a huge circular “East Bay Hardcore” logo on the back.

Again, this was years ago when I got the majority of my collection…

i love those shirts!!! Gonna post couple of mine

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I am in awe of these collections.

And, nah, totally not coming across as boasting. It’s cool to see! None of my friends like AFI, so I never get a chance to talk about/see this stuff, particularly because I was maybe 10 when I started listening to them- I never really got a chance to see much old merch. This is cool.

You have that one older one that I’m missing! Good shit! Did you get it from eBay or did you get it from a show?

Another thing I have are rare photos of the entire band pre-Jade and Hunter. There’s a photo of each member individually and then them all together. Davey is wearing a baseball cap, shorts and looks kinda preppy. I got them from a seller on eBay years ago who through them in… I think he’s the one I got Behind the Times from. We started talking and he added some stuff to my order. I’ll have to post those pics then… like I said I’ve never seen these online.

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That sounds so cool. I love old photos of bands.

@Mike_txaxnxd I just missed that shirt on eBay too… lol.


Ive had them for a while now. My brother is a big fan from 96. I got into afi around early 98, didnt collect much back then (i regret it now)


I could’ve sworn I had one of those old school patches… no idea where it got to though. :frowning:

@Mike_txaxnxd in my shirt photo, the “What Will It Take?” shirt… it’s one of my “gold” shirts. :slight_smile:

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Wow I have never seen some of those,I have always loved the love is a many splendor ed thing shirt,awesome stuff you guys

Heads up @_tonibell @Snobgrass @insectpins I suspended all of these “John Nelson” accounts. The @nEEDs2GOGo account and the other are the same person. To them I say “Good-bye”.


Yes, that was a good idea Storms.


Kk. Wasn’t sure what protocol was for that situation. I knew nothing about him, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt; but I defer to you on this one. :wink:

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