How about an AFI origins thread


Ok I’m fortunate enough to live 30 minutes from Berkeley, where AFI history has occured.I also in my senior year of high school had state championship s at Ukiah highschool.Yes I took photos of the ukiah hih sign,the quad where afi played there first show,freedom skate shop.Now for berkeley there’s Gilman where tons of bands came from,the flat on channing where the lived together and wrote black sails,the berkeley bowl,I can use my professional camera and try to make like a digital hq coffee table book of the origins of Afi,everyone can contribute like if you’re taking a trip and pass thru Ukiah take a few pics,passing berkeley do the same,have anything from early early shows share em.I get these ideas and kinda just go for it eventhough most my threads bomb LOL how does this sound.


Okay, so this sounds amazing. What would be killer would be recording almost like a documentary of the places, telling what all happened where. You would need to know how to edit footage though (which I can do).

Yes, take photos! This sounds amazing!


Awesome alright storms I’m on it I’ll take photos and video, let’s do this bro!I want to do this as redevelopment is happening like crazy and these spots are disappearing.I’ll do the video and we can narrate together or come up with details.Also my old band demoed at Art of Ears studio in Hayward,I think Andy Ernst is still around I would love to tour the studio for everyone and sit down and have Andy share some stories.I’ll send a brief outline or post it and f anything missing or if anyone has a suggestion feel free!


As far as getting any footage to me, there’s two ways we can try:

You upload them to Google Drive
You upload them “unlisted” to YouTube and give me a link so I can grab them,


Ok cool drive should be no problem and if there too large youtube would work.


I’ll make a list of spots and run them by you and if anyone else has certain spots in mind in the sf bay area feel free,I was even thinking of taking a drive to the Phoenix Theater and getting a nice video tour,then I can get out this weekend and get some nice video of the other spots


That would be awesome. Between photos and video footage, that would be great.


I forgot to mention I’m going to try to get a sit down with Andy Ernst who recorded multiple albums and demos that became albums,off memory AOD and multiple later demos from sts and DU he did at art of ears in hayward,there’s also fantasy studios in berkeley I’ll be reading cd inserts and tracking these people down and I’m sure they have interesting things and tidbits that never left the studio.


I’m Stoked on this idea. I’ll be patiently waiting for this to come to fruition. Thanks Man


@Ksf145 you’re making me really anxious to edit video on this already.

Once we start compiling video we’ll start collaborating privately via Google Drive so I can get any and all footage from you.

I could even upload drafts unlisted for you to check out.


Sounds awesome man im super stoked to get away and focus on what i love,It’s good knowing im not the only one in superfan territory im glad you made this community for us!I always pass the apartment building in berkeley where Jade stayed in Daveys Clayvit (combo of a closet and a cave)
while Afi was on tour,Davey came home and Jade was the new guitarist as Mark left and BSITS was born.Also I want to get in the delta chi fraternity house where they would practice.No place will be spared!Any bay area members feel free to come along or suggest spots!


Dude this is fuckin AWESOME. I live on the East Coast and have never even been to California but this is so tight and I really, really hope you can get all this footage and photos and stuff and put something together. I would love to see it.


No problem, glad I can get this out there with the help of Storms.Do you have any spots in mind,I think I have it covered but can always use suggestions.I’ll have the footage Asap so hopefully me and Storms can have it done and itl be like a Christmas present for the site


I can’t think of anywhere else at the moment. I would love to see where they lived and Art Of Ears if you can get pictures. And of course, the Phoenix Theatre, would be sick to see the inside too if you get a chance.


This is such a great idea. Unfortunately I’m on the East Coast, so I can’t physically help you out, but if there’s any way the community can support your endeavors, let us know.


This won’t be done by Xmas and we shouldn’t rush it anyway. Just focus on getting good, clean, still footage and maybe even some interviews and get them to me. From there I can figure out the format of the video. If we’re doing this I want it to be perfect.

Kurt, just start writing down all of the places you want to get footage from and start knocking them out. Even if it’s plain footage outside the Phoenix theatre. For all of us everything else in the country and the world, it’ll be amazing to have our naked eyes on AFI history.


Dude you are totally right.I got hit with a reality check on how much this will take just tracking down Andy, my tattoo artist Reed (who drew Fly in the Ointment),Mike (A highschool classmate & friend of Davey growing up).Just getting in touch and scheduling a time for me to drive down and meet with them and a bunch of other special guests seperately was a challenge but I got it done with a few suprises.I’m going to do exactly that good clean pro shot footage,I will send you a list of spots and their significance. Without giving too much away I will say berkeley is completely covered,the Phoenix theater,and the 4 hour trek to Ukiah will be made.I’m so excited this is going to be so awesome.Thank God you can edit footage as I’m not very saavy.I’m starting tomorrow with Berkeley so ll begin sending you footage in the coming days…And it begins!!!


Yep, I can edit. I have a program that I use.

Your focus should just be concentrating on footage and getting good sound. For example, if you’re recording footage of an interview and you don’t have mics, make sure you’ll be able to hear everything as good as you can. Again, don’t rush it. Make a list, take your time, be patient and get as much footage as possible.

From there, we can work on getting it to me. From there, I can publish drafts for you to check out over time.

I’m sure seeing the footage you get will also inspire me that much more on how to do the video.