How has "The Blood Album" sold so far this year? MetalInsider ranks top selling metal records for 2017 (so far)

Today is July 8th, so we’re now of course more than half way through 2017. The Blood Album was released on January 20th, this year and so far it’s ranked 18th for ‘how many sold so far’. Metal Insider does state that AFI is more “punk than metal” but due to the fact that AFI has been around for 26 years and have a “Hot Topic-y” following, is some of the main reason they’re listed.

Check out the link here to see where AFI falls on the list and how many 'Blood Album’s have sold so far this year.

It’s among the Top Selling so far this year! :slight_smile:

Credit: AFINewsHQ


Just…who writes for these people? The writing is almost as bad as the writing I give F’s to.

Pretty interesting criteria to make a metal list. LOL

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Yeah, I imagine this pisses off really all Metal fans, especially the more underground Metal bands. I used to have a friend who sought new Metal music on a daily basis… I could just imagine his thoughts about this.

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I don’t even want to know.

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