Hunter speaks with Jamie Apps Media on the Blood Album


Jame Apps Media conducted an interview with AFI bassist, Hunter Burgan that surrounds many aspects of AFI’s new album, the Blood Album. Hunter speaks that there was one song that didn’t make the Blood Album that could potentially see release later on either by itself or on the next record - they’re not sure.

Hunter also speaks on many other topics including touring and long tours and the effects it has. Hunter also speaks of a Los Angeles show where Davey entered the crowd and the rest of AFI could not see him to cue them to start up again, etc.

There’s a lot of interesting information in this short interview - make sure to have a listen!



This was great! Hunter has such a down to earth way of explaining things.



I also want to apologize for the lack of me posting these news articles. There are three more on AFIHQ that I need to post.

Between work and real-life… I’ll get them up soon though :slight_smile:

This interview with Hunter was great though. I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s set list (technically today in Australia, right?)


You’re fine. I feel bad I can’t post right now; I have a huge exam for a PhD program next Saturday as well as three research deadlines, so I’m elbows deep in that. After the 16th, I’ll be able to breathe for a bit and help more.


I’m beginning to find that Hunter is the most approachable member of the group, next to Adam. He’s active on social media and always likes things when you tag them in it.


I can agree with that. When he was signing at the Sayreville show, I got the sense that he was addressing the crowd as a whole, even while talking to each person one at a time.


You were there too? Nice! Did you get anything signed at the show?


Nah, just conversation and a blessing for the tour I was about to embark on. I didn’t even speak to Hunter. (Jade and Adam I did talk to.) I just listened as he spoke to other fans. Didn’t want to burden them with autographs or photos.
In other news, am I the only one excited by the existence of a Blood Album B-side? Considering they’d gotten over those for Burials? I mean, maybe they left it off for a reason, but I can’t help but wonder what it sounds like; even a vague description from the band would be nice (nobody thinks to ask!).


Yeah, he’s quite chatty, though Davey was wonderful when I met him. I met Jade back on the Crash Love tour, the Summer Shudder Tour, and back during Warped '01. He was always very sweet, very down to earth, but seemed really flighty.

But Hunter has a way of speaking that is very work-man oriented versus someone like Davey or Jade who almost wax poetic about everything (particularly Davey). It’s not them being pretentious, but I can see how it’s hard for fans to relate to that or feel comfortable around that. Hunter just has a very calm, grounded vibe, and it really comes through in his diction.


I am very excited about this. The main reason I didn’t mention anything in the first post was because I didn’t want to spoil everything.

I have to say… I think “The Wind That Carries Me Away” is perhaps my favorite Blood track.

I have to say that I think you’re description of their personalities and how they come off is spot on here. Though, the next time they tour, I am really hoping that I can get a photo, get stuff signed by and talk to Davey, if only for a few seconds. He’s the only one I missed at Sayreville.


Maybe it’s just a projection but I have to wonder if with Jade it’s like me where I just can’t turn the music in my head off, and when I get an idea for a song (or tripping on some other thought), I’m too busy trying to solve that problem of where it ought to go to be fully present in conversation. You just get lost in it. Or maybe he was just tired when I met him. He looked tired.
These are not put-downs (though that analysis may not be 100% true) - music does all these things to you if you let it. Evidently, with Jade, it’s gotten good results.
But when Hunter came out he seemed to really enjoy being present. Like, really, REALLY enjoy it. I don’t think he wanted to leave and stop that group conversation about cats. I certainly felt bad doing so too (my ride had to get home). It was as though for us the party was just getting started.
Some people are like that, too.


Nah, I totally get that. I have severe social anxiety AND I’m a writer- my head is never completely in the moment. People who meet me in person often say I seem aloof. I’m not; I’m just never really fully there. So, yeah, I can definitely see where you see that with Jade.

And, yeah, he always looks tired. But, seriously, he was always very sweet when I met him with a very dry sense of humor underneath. If you’re not used to that kind of personality, it can be off putting.

Hunter is definitely completely in the moment when he meets fans. It’s almost like he’s at a party, meeting people for the first time, and just chilling. Different vibes. I honestly have to say that Hunter’s personality is a bit overwhelming for me. Like, it’s just too much, but not in a “he’s an ass” way.

It’s nice to see how their personalities play out on stage as well.


Davey was so chill. It was a brief but very calming chat. Like, I thought I was going to have a serious meltdown after meeting Adam, but Davey kind of tempered that.



I told him back in ‘03 that, "you’ve been a huge fuckin’ inspiration to me", he said “Thank you”. Not that it wasn’t a good moment; I would just like to dig the hole a little deeper and get more depth.


I think the poor man saw my shaking/eye darting and decided that maybe starting the convo himself was a good idea. LOL.

I met him back in '03 rather serendipitously; it was a nice little situation during a rather terrifying moment. I didn’t even realize it was him at first because of the situation I was in. So, meeting him without the drama this time was nice (though, thankfully he didn’t seem to realize the high drama that was going on).