Hunter talks about new album, playing rarer songs, Red Rocks set list and more!

Hunter said in an interview that when AFI is done touring they’re going to start writing immediately. And I don’t know…I was always scared this was going to be their last album, lots of imagery about ending and such. It reaffirms this won’t happen to hear Hunter say that!

Below is a summary of topics being touched on by Hunter in a recent interview with WestWord.

Hunter mentions a few interesting details regarding their recent tour acitivity from why they’ve changed it up and started playing rarer, older songs… and wthat their plans are after these last tour dates are done. Red Rocks… tomorrow night, your Set List might be even more exciting than the current ones. Read below!

Colorado was a show at Red Rocks,” he says. “It was my first tour with AFI. We were on tour with the Offspring and L7, and they were playing a radio show there, and somehow we were lucky enough to get thrown onto the bill. It’s a big full-circle for me. I think we’re going to try to do something special with the set list. I’m not sure exactly what just yet, but we’ve been pulling a lot of older and rarer songs out of the bag for this tour, so I think that show will be no exception.”

After the touring is done, Burgan says, the band will be sitting down to start on a new record. And when they finish it, they’re likely to be slightly bored with the material they consider fresh right now. That’s just how they are — real artists focusing on what they’re doing in the moment. It’s what makes their work so exciting. Keep reading here!


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Oh don’t jinx it!

But, yeah, I’m praying that we can count on that.

It stresses me out that they’ll break up. I warned my friend that I’d have to lock myself in a room for days on end.

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Oh wait, you were scared that the Blood Album was going to be their last album?

If AFI broke up or stopped, I would really be heart-broken… so please don’t say that, LOL. AFI is life for me… they are my equivalent to a Beatles fanatic or Elvis…

Also, do you have a source for this interview?

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He mentioned it in this interview:

And this link:

And @BrandonsNotGrey I would literally go in to deep mourning. It wouldn’t end well.

AFI breaking up is something I never think too much about, because it seems really unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. I just assume most bands I follow are going to keep on going until they physically can’t, and AFI has a better chance of that than most.

Beyond this interview, there have been plenty of statements made to that effect by members of the band. They’re still young (yes, early 40s is young these days in an era of longer lifespans), in good shape, live a clean and healthy lifestyle, and don’t get bogged down with the drama that plagues other bands. In addition, they have the freedom to work on side projects to avoid getting stale or burnt out, and have a relentless drive to progress. AFI is about the last band I would worry about splitting up.

As for work on a new album, it’s common practice for them to start writing a new one once they finish touring on their current release. I’ve read a couple comments online that seem to suggest this means they’ll be releasing something sooner rather than later, but I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. The writing process can take anything up to a year or more on its own, not factoring in everything else that goes into a full release. If I had to guess, I wouldn’t expect a new AFI album until 2020 at the earliest… but I’d love to be proven wrong!

I’m just going to not think about any of this and continue to live in my happy, little bubble listening to the All Hallow’s EP and reading Hawthorne.

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Thanks! I edited the first post - fyi @BrandonsNotGrey Thanks!

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I’d be nice to get another EP before the album.

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a real EP not a single, I’d love to see that.

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An EP would be amazing.