I almost sold this... then I remembered when I got it signed!

I’m at a loss for words… I have two copies of the black on black STS CD that I purchased at the 9:30 Club back in 2003. I’m about to list one of these copies for sale as I’ve been parting with most of my collection.

The booklet has more wear than I remember it having and I’m wondering how I could’ve beat it up so much because it’s been instorage, also never played.

I go to open it… I totally forgot I must’ve had it signed by the whole band after the show… that’s where the wear came from. I’ve been the sole owner of these copies since I got them at one of their shows back in 2003.


Where are you selling your AFI stuff?

ebay primarily. I may list more tonight or sometime soon. My ebay name is “stormqloud”

I plan on keeping this black/black STS, but now my dilemma is how exactly to have it framed… sucks that Jade and Hunter’s signatures are on the same page, but I have an idea…

I would keep the signed one too. What about a double sided photo frame? And is the stuff you are selling on US eBay? Because I can’t find you.

Here’s my only listing currently… I’m going to either adjust the pricing or remove this from sale:

Also, I have a wild idea for framing the covers… I’m going to make a copy of Jade’s on a piece of paper…hard to explain, but I feel it’ll be the best way to do it without damaging the pages by cutting or folding them. I’ll post a photo soon of what I’m thinking… and I know my frame shop will do a stellar job…

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What an amazing find and so glad you discovered before you listed it! (Though, admittedly, envious :wink:) It’s wild how something like that can leave our brains but I’ve had that kind of thing happen too. Share the completed frame with us when you have it!

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I will definitely be sharing it when it’s done!

Here is how I plan to frame it showing ALL signatures even though Jade and Hunter’s signatures are on the same page:

^ I’m pointing at the AUTHENTIC autograph. I copied it, cut it out and I may gently adhere it besde Adam’s autograph. I gently removed the staples from the CD booklet, but I plan to make sure the staples are seen when it’s framed too. :slight_smile:

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I love it. And yes please do let us see when it’s framed.

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So, I went to my framing store today…I love the people there! It’s absolutely crazy the amount of detail they go through… it’s why I go there… they are so incredibly thoughtful and honest about their opinions too. I’m working on a detail for this project still, so I didn’t drop anything off yet to have it done, but I did get a rough estimate… not cheap at all, especially the frame itself, but if you’re going to run the 100 meter dash… you don’t stop at the 99 meter marker.

The crazy thing is the ending frame recommendation and double-matting colors suggestion that I absolutely adored was their idea.

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I hear you - I find framing to be surprisingly expensive! But, an investment - something you love and will be able to enjoy forever.

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I’m also actually finding framing to feel like getting a tattoo… as soon as I leave I’m wanting to go back to get something else framed! It adds SO MUCH! Sure, you can buy a cheap frame really anywhere, but getting it done right, obviously when you can afford the luxury, is so nice…

Another reason why I find it addicting to go to my frame store now is I learned that they have a rack near the back of their store with ready-made frames from other projects and these frames are heavily discounted due from being the “leftovers” from other projects. It’s where this frame was from actually:

Haha, right, and then you realize you have no more wall space for frames (or tattoos)! Oh nice find - yeah any discount helps when it comes to frames. Smart that they offer those up.

If you have a framing store by you, ask them. I’m sure they offer the same…I mean, it makes sense if you think about it.

I was eye-balling a ready-made frame in there again today… I was making sure it was still there :laughing:

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