"I Am AFI", video introduction to these forums

These forums have been live for a little over a month and a half now. In starting them, I really did not know if I would stand a chance making them, although, I knew that I really wanted to create them after months of searching for AFI forums. I know there are sections of the internet that carry AFI discussion, but I was looking for a place just for AFI fans… like the old board days. In doing my research, I had found out that the old forums/boards would not return as they were.

Thanks to those of you on these forums now that have proven my hopes to be true. Here’s to our new connection…


That’s really well done! Such a cool idea, and the execution was great. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I was too excited not to get it finished.

I used to write poetry, even though I used to hate calling it that. It was all inspired by AFI. There are only a few pieces that I can stand to look at to this day. However, what I wrote for this video was a different approach. I focused more on the positive of it all and took out all of the “sorrow” relating words. I also wanted it to be very simple… yet naturally, adding some ‘creepy’ to it.

What I wrote felt good to get out though, cause that’s really how I feel. I feel like I’ve been gone way too long.


This was really great. I love how confessional it felt.

And AFI definitely influences my writing. They always did, but atleast I became less melodramatic over the years. Haha.


Midnight Sun inspired one of the pieces I wrote. I actually ended up getting it tattooed.

I may actually get 04121028 tattooed on my back.

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I remember being 12, really inspired by Morningstar, and writing some weird, wannabe Paradise Lost vampire story.

I cringe thinking about it.

If you haven’t already, I encourage promoting this site on the FB page “Fall Children” because they get a fair amount of traffic for this band. Ask the admin first if you can make a pure advertisement post, as such. Otherwise, I’d just mention it in passing posts. I think I’ve promoted it a couple times in person, but that’s all. AFI’s following is still just as devoted, but now it feels smaller and harder to find.The AFI reddit is decently active with several references here, but IDK if that’s ya’ll or not.

Thank you for making this place. IDK if it’s you or me, but it’s happening on both my phone and laptop. I’m getting a lot of slow down/lag/freeze while creating/editing posts. Something may be erroring somewhere.

But to be able to be a part of these forums for AFI is so rewarding. I couldn’t be a part of the Despair Faction forums back in the day because I wasn’t allowed to have a computer. And my love for their music wasn’t exactly encouraged. I’m just freaking happy that now that I am a fully functioning adult, I can do these things while the band is still here, making music, being a part of the fandom. It’s really great.


Welcome! I was part of the DF forums back in the day, but I was really young and terrified, so I didn’t really talk. This is the first time I have really engaged with other AFI fans. :slight_smile:

And thanks for letting us know about the lag. I personally haven’t noticed it, but maybe @STORMS has?

And thanks for the heads up about Fall Children! @STORMS maybe we should check that out?

I very much appreciate the comments! The most rewarding piece for me is fans like yourself just simply using these forums. I sent that page a request to join the group, so thanks for the tip. They have it posted on their rules about “No advertising” so it’s iffy. Regardless, I’ve built other forums from the ground up, so it’s whatever. Plus with @_tonibell’s help I’m confident that we will only keep growing.

Regarding that lag; it might be a good thing, believe it or not. Simply put, if it happens as times where there is a lot of activity on here, then I simply need to increase the server space for these forums. I haven’t personally experienced any major lag though.

Yep. I sent them a request to join. Facebook groups and such a nice but it’s still not a forum like this. We shall see. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, they approved my request.

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If I get approved, I’ll simply let them know that we are new AFI forums (without posting a link, so there’s no advertising).