I know this is silly

But what does Havok mean? Is it an anagram, or does it come from somewhere/something? I’m probably the last fan of AFI who doesn’t know its gist.

Think it’s just havoc spelled differently

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Horse Ass Victory over Kingdom. Welcome, BTW :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I may have answered my own question : Horse Ass Victory Over Kingdom

Or maybe it’s more personable : Hooved Anna’s Victorious Over Knighthood (My personal Anna Havok). Maybe Davey meant it to be personal for his fans?

I heard somewhere that it means Davey’s heaven. Let’s see : Heaven As Vampiric Ones Kingdom? Maybe ???

Here’s another one I thought of: Having Anna’s Victory Over Riendenmen (sp?)


Oh WOW! Thanks for clearing that up! I was getting so lost…