I miss the crew

We nick named our dog Ciela “Shark teeth” after Smith because she has shark teeth… O.o

I haven’t heard about him in a while, does anyone know what he’s doing?

Eff and Fuck used to live not far from me. I haven’t heard about them in a while and haven’t seen them in years. Where’s the home boys at? :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

RJ? Fritch?

I met Fritch one time years ago. He was lovely…

Nils? He was in Ben Grey’s band Dear Boy for a while. What’s he doing now?

Anyone else you guys are curious about or do you know what’s up with anyone I mentioned?


I got Smith to sign my setlist from the 6/18 show last year… he drew an oldschool AFI logo!

Fritch follows our @despairfactionc Twitter account. :slight_smile:
I’ve spoken to him a few times through twitter.

Smith is around San francisco often,I’ve seen him before and after shows and also randomly when walking to work in downtown sf more frequently then not,which is always a treat!I always say hi and he cracks jokes about my tie or does something to it.I’ve first met them when I was twelve so it’s pretty cool he remembers.
I’ve seen Nils with Davey last year in LA I believe ,he kinda just popped out of nowhere but left with davey,I had no idea he was in a band.
Who was it who would handle the merch?was that fritch too?

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Fritch was the merch guy, yeah. Forgive me but who is Nils? Maybe I’ve seen his face but didn’t know the name…

He was around alot before and after DU,I would just see him alot but never knew he was in a band,apparently he’s one of Daveys good friends as he’s still around.Other than that I don’t know much about him.download%20(4)

Nils was around at shows. I never met him or anything. He just seemed nice. But he was in Dear Boy for a long time. I was curious if he had any new projects.

@Humma Nils is currently playing with Cold Cave. You can see him in their video for the song Glory


Thank you so much ZoeAimee!