I need some HELP

Umm I know this is very irrelevant, but I just had a dream that Adam died, and I couldn’t stop crying, and now I’m crying right now, has anyone else had this problem, I’m kinda scared. I need help. :confused::confused::confused:


Dreams are crazy, don’t worry about it. I know its easier said than done. I’m going through a divorce right now, I was married for 9 years and with her for 12. I have dreams that we are getting back together and I wake up in tears too but what can you do when its not reality anymore? You just soldier on and stay positive. Just be thankful its NOT REAL!!!


Awww, hun. I hate dreams like that. I get them all the time (not just AFI centric but people in my life centric). For example, due to research for work, last night I had a dream that Charlie Manson killed my poor little Pomeranian in front of me. I suggest drinking some tea/coffee/ hot cocoa (actually, anything with chocolate is probably best; it helps release seratonin- I believe it’s seratonin, or at least a chemical that makes you happy- and lightens your mood), then either chill with some easy homework, a good book, or a TV show. That usually helps. Either that or go work out, but I know most people aren’t as into physical stuff as I am, so whatever puts you at ease.

Hope this helps! And I hope you’re feeling a bit better.


That’s happened to me before, except with different people. The highest profile casualty I can recall is Bono.

Have you recovered now @MissLivHavok? Dreams like that can be unnerving. I had a dream a few weeks ago that Adam left the band, which had me feeling pretty sad in the middle of the night!
If I’ve had a particularly disturbing dream, I usually read/watch something light-hearted for a little while until I feel able to get back to sleep.

Death in a dream does not mean death of the physical. It means death of the " bad" in the individual, be it yourself, or whomever it is in your dream. It signifies a re-generation of the soul creating a more pure, at peace soul. Relax, please. Adam shall be fine.

I have recovered thank you😁 it still kinda gives me the chills when I think about it though😬


I had a dream a few night ago that Davey was a hair-dresser in a mall… no idea where the hell that came from.

He wasn’t in a store though. It was just a styling chair in the middle of the floor in customer traffic, yet Davey was so focused on the chair and the customer only. He was also just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Weird, weird…


@STORMS that just made me laugh. I can totally see it. I mean, Davey’s has some pretty incredible hair styles over the years…

I had a dream that Davey stole my dessert and Hunter got it back for me. It was a strange dream.

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@STORMS That reminds me of the awful PopWorld (UK) interview during DU where the presenter dragged Davey and Hunter round some place in the UK and asked people in the street to guess what they did for a living and to listen to Miss Murder. Somebody suggested Davey was a hairdresser and he seemed pretty flattered :grin:
(I massively cringe at that interview though. It’s terrible! I felt so sorry for Davey and Hunter! Shame as PopWorld previously had a much better presenter who I’m sure would have done a much less cringy interview).

@MissLivHavok Glad you’ve recovered! & naturally! We all love Adam :heart:

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Oh shit snobgrass,I’m sorry dude I went throuGH a seperation and it wasn’t easy,I don’t long for a reconciliation but I do get these weird dreams like you said and they suck.You’re a cool dude and nice guy I predict a gorgeous woman with a box containing a test press of dork,clandestine style and then she asks to marry you .happily ever after.

I wrote a long research paper on Manson and after the reading and audio interviews it effected my dreams,that guy was pure evil,I always thought what if brian Wilson signed him or added him to the beach boys,that’s some multiverse type stuff there.

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He really was the stuff of nightmares: deranged, maniacal, absurd. Strange shit, man.

Im sorry.just saw your post.that sux bad.i have never had a dream about any of my favorite musicians dying.on the brightside i do believe hes healthy and happily kicking around on this ball of dirt we call earth.i hope you feel better and dont have to suffer anymore dreams like that.

thank you very much!

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