I saw Michale Graves last night :)


I got a set list (and signed by the whole band) among other items that I also got signed including one of their hand-made Ouija boards.


That’s exciting! I didn’t even realize he was touring. :slight_smile: Glad you had a blast! I, personally, was recovering from one of the most intellectually trying days of my life while reading Finnegan’s Wake again. LOL. So glad someone has more exciting stuff going on.

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I saw Graves when he came to Saskatoon. Venue was way too big, and a lacklustre crowd, but he put on a hell of a show, and even did some misfits covers which were unreal live.

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That makes me feel better about our crowd size. The Depot is generally small, but the turnout was pretty good. It was good enough for people to crowd surf (even though there was nowhere for them to go, LOL).