I want to scan high resolution version of Clandestine.Yes or No?

I want to preserve this special piece of an awesome album as not everyone has seen it or even knows about it.I got inspired to maybe do this after Pablo mentioned scanning high resolution images of his,it was very cool of him and this would be a similar gesture on my part.I’ll even rip the dvd of both versions and the special mixes of songs included.My main thing would be a pop up page by page version of clandestine to live on forever or is it better kept the way it is and off the interwebz?


Go for it. I haven’t looked through mine in ages.

Everything is on the internet nowadays.

Bottom-line, nothing is like the real thing so I’m not opposed of what you’re doing since it’s for the fans who may not have access to it. PLUS, it’s not like the item is still being pressed.

Is it a copywrite issue?

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Yeah, like @4ibanez said, I should think that there is a copyright issue. Most books and media state that you require permission to reproduce any part of it. So my personal opinion would be not to do it (unless you can somehow get permission from the rights holders). Sorry to be a downer but the last thing you want is to get sued by the band you love!

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