I'll wait 'till the fall comes

It’s obvious that Davey’s favorite time of the year is Autumn. Do you think this coincides with his birthday which is also in the fall? My birthday is in late winter and I love the time of year when icicles are melting and the first signs of spring are here. Does anyone else’s favorite time of year happen around their birthday?

My favorite time of the year is probably spring/summer. If I go outside right now at night… it’s comfortable and relaxing… clear skies. Can’t do that as easily in January… :slight_smile:

I think I prefer Autumn/Winter because you get that Halloween > Christmas > New Year > Chinese New Year celebratory flow going, whereas my birthday is in Spring and like… I don’t have anything else to celebrate near it (other than Eurovision).

I think the wiccan sabbat is Imbolg in the springtime