I'm covering every song (bass covers) weekly (Requests?)

For the last few months I’ve been posting bass covers of AFI songs. I’ve been trying to pump them out weekly. Today I just released “Still A Stranger” and I’m always looking for requests. What do you guys want to hear? I’d love your feedback!


Dude, thank you so very much for this one! Been waiting for this song forever. You’ve been so nice fullfilling my requests whenever you can.

Off the top of my head:

Hidden Knives
Get Hurt
Charles Atlas from the 10 Years Later comp. This version was intended for ATASF. I have a crystal clear rip of this in case you (or anyone) want it. It’s the only AFI song to date that ends in a loop fading away. The bass on it is crazy, so it will be a good challenge for you to tab!

Dude, great stuff! Subscribed :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear Sacrifice Theory

Awesome Bro! How about No Poetic Device from BS…that song has some killer bass in it.

Hey man!

I know you always wanted access to my tabs. I’ve put up a “website” to host all my tabs and my GP files. I’ll be posting my GP files soon so that you can have everything you’ve missed since I last emailed you.

@Snobgrass Dude, I love that entire album. I’d love to do that song.

@Slinch Everyone has been asking me for that song. I think I have over 10 requests for it in the last 2 months. Trust me it’s in my plans, I’ve just had difficulty tabbing it out because the mix is a little muddy at times. I’ve been planning on branching out of AFi covers at some point and my personal goal is to get that song done before I venture into new bands. It’s gonna be my “final boss” :slight_smile:

I’ve transcribed all your tabs to GP5 myself. It’s been pretty entertaining haha.

Feed From the Floor would be a good addition.

Hey bro,what do you use to sync the tabs with your playing I’d love to do that aswell,i buying my new interface this week but can still send parts of the song we spoke of to make sure we agree on the proper notes,so excited for this!

@Ksf145 Hey Kurt, I use a piece of software called Guitar Pro, which is very popular with musicians for writing sheet music, tabs and creating backing tracks to jam to. I’ve been using it for years, it’s great. On my website, I post my tabs and by the end of the week I should have all of my Guitar Pro files as well if you want to follow along on guitar with my bass transcriptions.

The process of getting the notes into my videos is a lot more complicated but Guitar Pro will do what you need.

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Oh yeah I use GP too,I tabbed out the bass for the saves the day album in reverie that bass was killer on that record and funny thing is I like them but there not a band I really listen or pay attention too.Yeah I was wondering about the video part I thought theyou had software that did it for you (we need to develop that asap,I’m copywriting as we speak you want in? Lol. Ill send you the intro pre and chorus tonight or possibly the whole song.Have you done Above the bridge or darling I want to destroy you? Some fun ones will be sacrifice theory or synesthesia they have some good runs.looking forward to this!

@Ksf145 Athan tabbed Darling and Above The Bridge when I requested him to do so and he delivered amazing content.

I feel guilty I can’t tab guitar (or anything at all) because @acondax’s tabs really deserve a guitar tab :confused:

Wow man, your in the POCKET! I’d like to hear, Girl’s Not Grey, Coin Return, and The Boy Who Destroyed The World

That’s amazing. I love bass so much, I wish mine hadn’t been stolen by my sister’s shitty ex.

Also I love the Love Fast Los Angeles shirt :smile:

@sayasha you’re the only person that noticed! I didn’t think anyone would because I flip my videos so the text is backwards. Good eye!

@Pablo dude your requests are the ones that pushed me to new territory. I would have never discovered the kickass bass chorus on Above The Bridge if it weren’t for you.

Also, you say you can’t tab out guitar, but you’ve done everyone on this message board a huge favor by constantly uploading the most kickass concert footage from AFI on YouTube. You’re the real hefe here.

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@MyFireInsidePod thanks man! Girls Not Grey holds a very very special place in my heart because it was the song that introduced me to AFI and it’s always been up high on a pedestal to me. I’ve been contemplating doing that track because the original bass recording is available on YouTube so I feel like I’m not actually contributing much, you know what I mean? I might just tab it out and share the files for those who want it.

I like the old school requests. I can’t believe no one has requested The Boy Who Destroyed The World yet. I’m sure a lot of people first heard of AFI thanks to that track being featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.

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I know that one like the back of my hand,I’ll have some for you tonight.The bass line in GNG chorus is so awkward but it fits perfectly it’s totally it’s own line and holds its own,I never realized how dynamic they are like how Jade emphasizes the lower strings and gets a digital blurry sound,that album guitar tone was legendary Mesa Dual Rectifier,A (bradshaw?) modded marshall plexi blended and vox ac30 for cleans.Here’s a guitar only version,The Barre chords bottom strings ring out nicely on GNG(0:44)(1:27) anyone ever notice that?

And for Athan here’s an enhanced bass version

Screw it this is beautiful ,Davey only interesting how he handles notes

The official tabs can easily be extracted from Rocksmith. Let me know if anyone needs them