In search of the All Hallows EP through Crash Love on CD

Long story short yrs ago I had a house fire I cannot recall if my CDs all of them had been sold prior etc.
I had to move a lot and now that I’m situated I’d like to get these CDs back into my life. Discogs has potential for this but I’m on the fence as someone can easily claim X condition and it ends up in Y condition instead. Does anyone here either know of another way to buy them in Mint condition or have extras they’d sell me?

If you buy on eBay you can search by condition of item, and if anything turns up not in the condition it was described as you’re guaranteed a refund as long as you follow the correct process to return the item

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Is there any way to make sure they’re not bootlegs?

I’m pretty sure bootlegs are banned on eBay so same thing really - if it’s listed as an official CD and it turns out to be a bootleg you’re eligible for a refund as it’s buyer protected. However, given the decline in CD sales in general and how cheap you can get them second hand now I’m not sure if there’s really a market for bootlegs any more apart from unofficial B sides albums and similar.

But how would I know they’re not bootlegs? I’m the type to stay on the side of caution. I’m thankful for your help thus far. I am wondering if there’s any way you know of that I can utilize in order to guarantee them upon inspection of both case & disc? Thanx in advance :smiley:

Check barcodes against those listed on Discogs. Any time I’ve bought a bootleg CD it’s been pretty obvious from the print quality of the inlay, any print on the disc etc. I’d be really surprised if you found any bootleg CDs that were high enough quality that it was hard to tell they weren’t the real thing.

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Great information will use that. Thanx it means a lot! :smiley:

I’ve had good luck buying disks from eBay, that said, I do have a duplicate copy of Art of Drowning I might be convinced to part with. (it came as a bundle with Black Sails and a few others I needed to replace)