Infamous AFI Locations vol 1 Band apartment &Delta Chi Frat house

Hey all,since I detoured to Berkeley today I got photos and video of many AFI Locations for a long proposed project that life made me lag on…sorry guys!Heres the Bands apartment where they wrote countless albums and songs(if those walls could talk.)This place is freaking sacred!Second is the delta chi frat house where they rehearsed in the basement.I also went to a few other places and chatted with a few people who worked on albums and/or had association with the guys back in the day.I videod it all of course!I plan to really make a definitive kind of retrospective/documentary that can be for us to enjoy. @STORMS was interested in helping me with the footage when first proposed so if that sounds plausible I should have some for you soon .I promise quality footage,informants,and suprises.Feel free to shoot me ideas I’ll be sure to credit you and if anyone wants to contribute feel free! I’m mobile so apologies if the photos don’t show I’ll correct it when I get home.


@Ksf145 hey FYI i now have the means to record Podcasts so perhaps sometime soon we could gather aome subject material and discuss these locations and the history.

Basically, we could have the call on Skype (PC) or Discord and I can record it.


I really love this idea! We will definitely have alot to work with as I gather and speak to more people.Feel free to send me your ideas and we can formulate a little outline from there.This sounds fun!


I mentioned this to you awhile back,I finally got my hands on it! I imagine theres alot of early gilman era AFI stories/photos. Im going to dig in and ill post!BTW theres a complete concert history ill post the dates and bands for all the AFI shows.
PS im super interested in your podcast idea and would love to share some i



Yeah, please share any AFI history and info you find. That’s awesome that you’re so close to that history.


Speaking of afi related locations, does anyone happen to know the exact date of the show when the Days Of the Phoenix video was shot at 14below??

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So thats where their roomate would fuck his twink boyfriend in the shower and be loud Davey said it was delightful​:joy::joy::joy:

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Heres the dates from the gilman book if anyones interested.Istill have alot to read but anythibg afi related ill share
5/14/94 (Rancid headlined,Afi was mid card)
6-11-94 Afi
8-7-94 Afi
9-23-94 Afi (Loose change was on the bill,wonder if Jade was there)
10-15-94 Afi
12-16-94 Afi
12-30-95(The force opened up,Hunters now old band)
3-23-96(Note: It says AFI now known as Asking for it…formally A bunch of Fucking Idiots)

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