ISO ebhc windbreaker

I’ve been looking for this jacket for about 8 years now, if anyone is selling or knows anyone who is selling I’d really appreciate it, I’m also open to trade. Thank you.


Wow I’ve never seen that,I wonder if it was an in house thing done by the record label or maybe it was sold on tour but I’m sure it would’ve popped up.I never noticed the 666 on the label maybe that’s the mandela effect.Worst case I’m sure you can take the graphics and make your own professionally that is a bad ass wind breaker though.Good luck.

Yes it was sold on tour during late 1999 til 2001. I think the band and crew made them themselves, there’s a couple of versions. Thank you

This windbreaker was also sold on the Nitro site… years ago.

Here’s a few photos of mine (sorry, not selling!). Mine is retired; meaning it’s strictly a collectible to me now.

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That’s a very nice one! One of the many variants.

I’ve never seen one without the 666. What variants do you refer to?

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Screenshot_2018-06-22-20-14-39-1 they’re all printed on different brands of windbreakers aswell. I believe all the brands are cardinal, Auburn and dickies. I could be missing one more.

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I believe mine is Auburn (just put it away again, lol).

Wow there’s alot of variants I swear I was right about a non 666 logo.Auburn or Dickinson sell those windbreaker and you have plenty of graphics and can get more off the tshirt version and make your own variant of your choice,itl be cheaper and no different.I think I’ll make one using a shiny satin like the old sports team windbreakers I’ll let you know how it turns out and what the cost is.It would be cool to wear until you find an original

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That’d be great! Yes let me know how it comes out.

Jacket was 25 shipped,I know this is different as it’s satin but I’ve wanted a throwback satin jacket for awhile but they do have legit thin ones online,now to see the graphics I’ll email a few places and see what cost is then update you with how it comes out.

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Sick! Cant wait to see how it turns out, Thank you!