It's Forum Fox Carolyn from TN!


Hello everyone!

My name is Carolyn, and I’m in the SE DF chapter. I’ve become known as “Mom” within the NE, and actually have had some people seek me out while waiting in line recently from stories of other fans. Note: I felt VERY VERY LOVED!

I am an actual mother to a little girl, who is my mini me, and drives me nuts. But she’s my everything.

I work in a call center of about twenty people, and we have three companies…It’s great…

I have a huge love for music, including: PTX, Motionless In White, Avriel Kaplan, Kirstin Maldonado, Super Fruit, (insert Davey Band here,) Panic! At the Disco…You know just things I’m total trash for. =D


Welcome! I’m from York, PA. I just saw AFI in February at the 9:30 Club and this past Sunday at Starland in NJ. It made 6 times that I’ve seen them.

The only other bands I’ve been into lately are William Control and Dreamcar. However, I popped Crash Love in again recently so that’s been playing non-stop. :slight_smile:

It’s grest to have another DF member on here!


Did you go to the NYC show or Boston show earlier this year?


No… :frowning:
That’s what I mean. I’m retrospect I would’ve gone to more surrounding shows.


Gotcha. I went to NYC and Boston for the first time last summer for Blaqk Audio, then again earlier this year for AFI. Never want to stay in the cold in the NE again though. OH MY EFF…


Yeah I’m hoping for Philly, DC, NJ next time around. Perhaps I’ll make mini vacations out of it. :slight_smile:

Seeing them on Sunday was just awesome.