Jade posts cover of Ocean Eyes

Does he ever take a break? I think the answer is no.


It sounds really good.


I saw that yesterday. Is that him singing?

It is! He sounds great!

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Jade sounds amazing. Hopefully all of the feedback opens more doors. :slight_smile:

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Ok…just listened to the song…and damn…I’m impressed! He indeed sounds great! :smiley:

And here comes my question…did he had anything on his website previous to this cover? Or he just created because of the cover? I was expecting to find something else at least…but nothing :frowning: Although I think it matches Jade’s quiet personality :slight_smile:

Anyway…hope he do more covers…

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I hope he does more anything!

And yeah, I think he set up the site just for that song.

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I have been listening to the song non-stop :slight_smile: Really cool…but…I look for the “original” one and…seems like a completely different song…I can’t stand the original but love Jade’s version :slight_smile: Just wondering how he choose that song…I have never heard it before…and actually thought it was a very old song…although doesn’t seem like…

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I like the original, but I like the instrumentation on jade’s cover of it more than the instrumentation on the original.

I just sent Jade a message on his website :wink: That’s why he has a “contact” link, right? :wink: I basically asked him if he’s planning to release a covers album…because Hunter released his “revenge” album…and Adam doesn’t count because…drummers don’t do solo albums…and Davey doesn’t count because he does fricking everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course…I don’t expect Jade to answer me…but…at least my positive feedback would add up so at least he can release another cover :wink: Specially because who setups a website for a single song? He could put it straight on Spotify or something…

Anyway…let’s see :slight_smile: