Join the Despair Faction group on here (We Are AFI)


First off, this is in no way affiliated with any official AFI outlet or AFI themselves. This is strictly myself, as a fan, creating a place for Despair Faction members.

So, I’m taking it upon myself to create a group on here at We Are AFI called the “Despair Faction”. If you click the link below, you will find a group called “Despair Faction”. Inside looks like…

There’s not a whole lot special to it right now, but down the road it could be a nice way to distinguish verfiied DF members from the beginning to recently.

NOTE: That I have NO intention of ever singling non-DF members out on the forums or in the Despair Faction forums for that matter. I say this because, Despair Faction members had special access on the official forums when they were still up.

If you’d like to get verified and be added to the group, simply tag me with a photo of your DF card in this thread. Some of you, i.e. @dnlkdwll I’m adding since I already know you’re DF.