Live Q&A w/ AFI tonight at 3AM EST w/ DestroyAllLines in Australia


Since AFI is soon to finish their Blood Tour in Australia starting on September 9th, DestroyAllLines is conducting a Live Facebook Q&A with them. It’s set for 5PM AEST which is 3AM EST / 2AM CST / 12AM PST for us in the states. You can ask your questions to DestroyAllLines by referencing the tweet embedded below.

See their Facebook page here:

Credit: @AFINewsHQ


I submitted a question! I asked what’s whispered at the start of “She Speaks The Language”!


They didn’t answer my question, but it is a neat Q&A to watch!


One of my favorite parts is when Davey says that one of his more recent favorite memories is singing on top of the red rock boulder, and Jade says it’s probably on YouTube… so I uploaded my video. :wink:


hahaha, that was a great moment. I just enjoyed that moment at the beginning when Jade was balancing the paper on his head and Davey wasn’t fazed.