Living version of "Under the Rose"?

So, before anything I would have to look into how this would even get published…

With that said, since IMO it’s very doubtful that we’ll ever see “Under the Rose” as a regular thing anymore, so what about a fan-made version of it?

Has anything like this been discussed before?

IMO something like this carried forward by fans is sometimes how it has to happen.

It could include unique photos we have of ourselves with AFI, fan stories, introducing new fans to the DF, etc.

The DF just doesn’t feel the same as it used to… at all. But with that, here we are, so why don’t we try something? This isn’t something anyone could make any money off of and that’s not the point of it anyway. The point is to maybe try to get a similar zine created by us and for us (on a by order basis?) and see how it would go.




We need to think a lot about logistics, distribution and such, but I would SO be into this.


The way I think it’d have to go… one of two ways:

  1. Reach out to AFI for approval to use the names i.e. “Under the Rose” and/or “Despair Faction”

  2. Find a publisher, find out costs, etc

  3. After the above, we would put together a team of a few folks to design the zine and put it together

The other way would be just adjusting number 1 and calling it maybe “We Are AFI” and going from there.

I don’t know much about this stuff, but it shouldn’t be too hard to look into. I foresee the cost of putting this together being one of the hardest parts.


Yeah that sounds pretty awesome. As far as the financial aspect another forum I’m a member of is putting together a huge fan works book right now and they are using a patreon to help support it. I’d be willing to contribute that way as I can’t draw or design anything for shit haha

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Okay so here’s my opinion. I totally support the idea of doing an AFI fanzine. That would be so sick. However, I don’t think we should call it Under the Rose, or try to adopt what used to be the band’s publication. But we could do a fanzine. I think it would be fun. It might be like back in the day, when fanzines were actually still a relatively common thing.

We’d also have to look at things like distribution. I kind of don’t like the idea of having it online. Seems like it would just become like just another fan blog or something. BUT what would be AWESOME would be if we could actually print it and make copies and physically mail each volume to people on a mailing list. That would be cool. I feel like that recreate some of the magic of the DF from the old days, even if it’s just a fan initiative. :slight_smile:


Convert from tape to dvd, upload it to a computer, release it in serveral parts on YouTube

Yeah, we would need a graphic designer or someone who could draw at least.

Should we call it “We Are AFI” zine? I think the name is very simply and we should stick with a simple name.

Putting something like this online takes away from the excitement, IMO. If you do not have a copy of Under the Rose, for example, then you do not have access to Under the Rose. It’d be nice to keep the exclusivity with this zine, if you are indeed able to get it off the ground.

I mean I guess we could. Or we could have people submit ideas for a name, like the band did when naming the DF, and we could do a poll and count the votes. I think it would be cool to use a lyric, if that’s possible. Like I Remain from The Nephilim, no? I suppose we’d have to ask Davey first, although something tells me he wouldn’t care and I doubt we’d hear anything back (yeah, I’m a total cynic, I know). But that way he can’t bitch that no one tried to ask him for permission first, if he ever got wind of it.

There is one thing I thought of that might become a problem with the zine in general though, and honestly that’s content. I think there’s only so much we could contribute. I’m assuming none of us have any direct contact with the band, and so at some point, and I think rather quickly (like after only a few issues) we’d begin to run out of content. I personally have no pictures of the band, as I’ve never met them. We could write personal stories of course, but at some point we’d run out of those too, unless we could get more and more people involved, but then costs would rise unless we started charging. So I don’t know. I like the idea, but I’m not sure if it would be realistically feasible as something we could sustain in the long term…

Oh, I’m fine with voting on names. However, the more I think about this the more I think the name should be the last thing we do.

Personally, one thing I would change about it is the info and interviews with other bands… I never cared for those parts. I wanted it to be completely AFI stuff. Like a fan interview in the zine would be really neat.

Yeah I agree - I don’t think there would be much point in adding anything about other bands. This is obviously going to be different from what Under the Rose originally was, since it’s going to be entirely made my fans.

On a side note, this is super exciting. :smile:

Fritch, who was the editor-in-chief of Under the Rose just followed our twitter! :smile:

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I remember Fritch! :thumbsup:

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Ha, I’m just going to post a name idea since it came to me:

“Still Burning, Vol 1”


RE: content - I think if it was produced every quarter or 6 months, there would be enough to keep it going. It would probably take that long anyway to compile the content and get it published.

I think it could be done online and still remain exclusive, i.e. via a members only site. It is nice to have print copies but the cost of printing would probably be fairly high and postage for non-US folk would be high :airplane_small:.

I can make groups on here that only certain members have access to. Down the road it could be used for verified DF members.

I honestly don’t think the content of the first issue would be that difficult. The difficult part would be the design /graphic design part of it.

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