Long shot in regards to getting my unicorn

So, I am hitting 43 this fall and I have never been able to get to any AFI show. See the fact is literally all the concerts I’ve attended someone else not only interested in said band also drove as I cannot due to a physical disability in my left hand. I don’t want to get ripped off online i.e ebay or some other site selling concert memorabilia. My long shot is getting a single guitar pick of Jade’s from another fan willing to part with one as I said I know that it’s a long shot but this is my unicorn. I’ve loved AFI since the mid 2000’s enjoying live shows vicariously through mediums such as I heard a voice and over time YouTube as much as I want to see them live myself I live in the boonies with no one else around interested in AFI let alone willing to go see them even if I paid for their ticket. Well that is what I wanted to share and just allow myself to say that at least I have tried my best. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and just know it means a lot to me.
P.S I 100% intend to be more active on here just slowly warming up to it and I get nervous I am going to be just ignored or annoying etc it’s my anxiety yes but that’s what I am trying to work through now which is why I posted a 2nd time and hope to engage in some awesome conversations with all of you! Just know even if I have not as of yet posted a lot , liked often or commented on others post’s; I do read quite a few also I know coming here is a safe and awesome environment that I hope over time I’ll make some friends within :black_heart:
P.S.S Below are screenshots of when I tried to ask the man himself on Instagram months ago and I unfortunately never heard from him.