Looking for an interview

From around 2000-2001 I believe but it might have been Sing the Sorrow era. I’m pretty sure it’s Davey and Jade in the interview and they’re talking with the interviewer about wearing makeup and then the next question is something about staying in shape on tour and Davey says all casually something like “well, we always bring a bench on the road,” and then he starts cracking up and I think Jade says something about gender bending and weightlifting. It was really funny and I suddenly remembered it tonight for some reason. I saw it a year or two ago and I’ve not been able to find it again and wondering if anyone else remembers it.

There was also an interview (might be the same one but it could have been later like DU era maybe) where they’re talking about the reunion show in '93(?) and right after they went off stage someone (I can’t remember who but I want to say Lars Frederiksen or someone else who was big in the scene at the time) got all up in Davey’s face and was like “FUCK YOU, DAVEY, IF YOU BREAK UP THIS BAND AGAIN! FUCK YOU!” and was like going fucking ape shit and chewing him out and shit lol. I just remember him telling the story and saying he knew at that point he didn’t really have a choice lol.

Does anyone have the faintest clue what I’m talking about? XD

I believe it was the owner of Gilman when they did their original reunion show. Because the turnout for the reunion show was massive - had an amazing response.

I remember them saying that the owner said to them, “Fuck you if you ever try to break up this band!”. From there and after the reunion show… here we are today.

Yeah, that’s right. I couldn’t remember who exactly it was but I remembered the story. I wish I could find what interview it was from.

Maybe look in your YouTube history. I might do that because you have me curious now too

Was it the Yahoo series they did…? I’m at work right now or I would check.

The one where they’re talking about the reunion show might have been but I really can’t remember. The one where they were talking about benching I swear was much earlier, like during Warped one year. I haven’t had a chance to look either but I’ll see if I can find it.

If you remember this story as coming from an owner, the person in question is most likely Tom Gaffey, the founder of the Phoenix Theater. (Would also make sense since that’s where the reunion show was.)

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It was definitely one of the Dead and Gone guys who said that to Davey.

After @STORMS mentioned it, I swear I remember it being the owner or someone of Gilman or (like @LordOfTheLeftHand said) Tom Gaffey. Although maybe several people told him that after the show? Lol it wouldn’t surprise me.

Perhaps, but it was definitely attached to the reunion show. I remember it being said backstage though too.

Considering this was a determining factor in AFI officially becoming a band… it’s very heavy.